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Saturday, June 3, 2017

spaced out 6/3/17

we have it that space is in receivership of mass
when it maybe that space is moving faster than mass
and is more intricate and complex than mass presents
the curvature of mass apparently spiraling through space
has simplicity compared to most other frequencies
that are, to us, invisibly occupying our concept of space
we are still mystified by cloud formations and their flight
so many forms of vibratory influence are traveling
through each other at different rates of speed and impact
we are riding curving spirals within further curving spirals
we are moving at speeds insularly kept from observation
cosmically speaking, we are sensory retards and basking
we myopically see thermals of animation in the driver seat
and weather acts out air current explanations
and we, as a person, as a planet, as a solar system
are traveling in a vortex madly embraced beyond
by our notion of space
couldn’t think twice about it,
no daily relevance to it
so, how’s the weather?
that facial stuff from space as our interface
that space as deliverance of what we relate to
that tablecloth upon which we place
the earth as axis spin,
yet the earth as revolving around the sun
and that whole solar system is in Milky Way movement
and that in itself, the Milky Way, jettison to beyond
what is it with space that so scripts mass in movement?
that invisible hand that space so secretively occupies
maybe space is the answer to the notion
of one hand clapping . . .
(do you hear what I mean?) . . .

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