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Thursday, June 1, 2017

primal, darling 6/1/17

primal doesn’t have a language.
it has a voice.
it isn’t any particular sound
but it is inside of some sounds.
primal seeps through
no matter the presentation disguise.
primal doesn’t asked to be liked,
primal just exudes of itself.
and those in search, seek it.
some people have at it.
few are clearly of it.
some blessed, some cursed.
if you have it, deeply have it,
get out of the way
and conduit it as your presence.
refuse to be just the communication of it.
be more the conveyance of it.
light justified by shadows
is falsely entertaining.
light inviting light
is all that can be asked.
you are a mirror for others
to see themselves of their light.
your light is an environment of presence
inviting others into their own light.
reality is the pretend for you to bask.
for you, there are no decisions worthy,
only the calling, coming from within . . .

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