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Friday, June 9, 2017

nothing need be said 6/9/17

I went for the back and forth,
thinking it was conversational,
a syncopated exchange between us
not realizing the one of us instead.
I was keen on appraisal as a sense,
take in, feature, likes and dislikes.
so beside myself, in doing so.
could not grasp the whole of it.
felt a need for the puzzle-cover picture,
to see where things might go.
reality is just an implicit metaphor
as if I get distracted in the tasks.
I wanted meaning as if to tie my shoes.
I wanted us to go for a walk
as if that will always feel like an embrace.
you ask me pointed questions
as if we are from different umbilicals.
sometimes I find spoken language as brassy,
not wanting ours to be that way.
I like us face to face
as if we had nothing from the waste down.
how do clear skies meet, in the first place?
it can’t be sight for sore eyes.
it must be like sharing the same breath as windy,
an overland understanding that needs no words.
there are times I am moved to feel that way.
it is not at all like mirroring
but easily, a swept-up in oneness.
no aprons to tie as if order is needed.
no commentary to chauffer assurances.
we could be a flock of oneness
landing on a monolith of grand diversity,
a small wonder in a stampede of glam,
where the chrysalis of risk was left behind
for the sake of full blown escape
that has us as flight wings
that have come full term.
maybe I thought this all out, just to say
or maybe this was between my thoughts
more so made of feelings brought to light.
anyways, to simplify,
just wanted you to know that I knew
that you knew what I now know.
therefore nothing need be said . . .

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