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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

covert craving 6/14/17

you only see who you are
by compliment, contradiction or concern.
don’t kid yourself,
memory is only the reminder
from a mirror view
forgotten then remembered.
glance is the double-take
made real over and over.
contentiousness is curiosity
coming on as innocence.
every new view has old implications.
the story of proof and worth never end.
the syntax of claiming oneself
has start-ups with every sensory input.
I either see or deny myself
every conclusion ongoing made
as if I were separate
as an entity of observance.
I search, hunger, yearn for confluence.
I am a parking garage with cars as opinions.
I have a life of city in nonsensical ways.
I am a whole world unto this moment.
time will bleed me out.
I am on a stat sheet somewhere
being evidence towards money made.
how can revelation be real
when I am only a hacker
at a higher consciousness of need?

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