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Friday, June 23, 2017

the anonymous self 6/23/17

to search beyond the anonymous self
whether to contract for a meaningful life
or to contact the energetic truth of your being
choice does not survey for all of the options
depth of perspective creates the methods used
the indoctrination from reality is distractive
the brain becomes a white board from usage
while the heart becomes a palate for desire
a meaningful life fills in the blanks
but the energetic truth gives one a taste of spirit
the anonymous self eventually is booked solid
projections shared, agreements made, contracts delivered
upkeep is optional as reputations fluctuate
in the face to face, day to day, offing
anonymity is a seepage from the drainage of self
meaningful has a half-life limit in one’s memory
when life lived is a spectator existence
where experience is an addictive process
and a bucket list is a privileged path of pursuit
for the anonymous self to acquire a fabulous wardrobe
to be at the autograph table of self for signage
yet and despite, the energetic truth of being lingers
there are four noble doorways of entry;
drawn-ness, self-love, empathy and oneness.
the anonymous self passes by each of these daily
but rarely is moved to confirmable recognition directly
one has to be the self experiment beyond meaningful
to be in contact with a deeper sense of self
a self that both abides and defies,
can openly embrace expanses of duplicity
finds every moment is filled with paradoxicals
and could thrive on passion chasing after unknowns
we all hunger for a life beyond lip service remains
to be in sync with self beyond self-justified
to be the pouring forth of being,
not the search for meaningful
every human has this as inner-discourse secretives
it is a self-dialogue before conversation makes attempts
this search is always a yearn before it becomes of means
the anonymous self is a start-up, a self go-fund-me
at worst it becomes a wisdom business
better yet, a shared environment for the benefit of others
best as a charismatic portal, others set sail from
for leaving the anonymous self
and navigating drawn-ness, self-love,
and empathy into oneness . . .

Thursday, June 22, 2017

the journey (haiku) 6/22/17

every grain of sand
remembers mountaintop life

but lives for sea’s soul

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

breath 6/21/17

breath is the ultimate passion of existence
the slow evocative, without conjecture
the pathless path
that dismisses time considerations,
that bestows without memory contentions,
that provides nectar all cells dwell within.
a four part harmony without delusion’s cast,
in-breath, pause, out-breath, pause,
each gifting in an ever spiraling vortex manner
evocative without rhythm as witness or guide
that which comforts the flame of the tongue
lifting the hands of the heart
to shade the eyes of the mind
until the hydrogen of human wisdom
is not a basking but a glow aglow . . .

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

where nowhere exists 6/20/17

if experience was contentless
what would there be?
would the focus be on the experiential as means
then the persuasion of delivery
with the fallback on cause or concern
by the vast framelessness pouring,
featuring fade from the initial scorching fury of search,
vacuum exuding from pointless surround,
a kind of sensory blindness
without the cane of contrast,
a freefall of implication and logical decree,
a mindfill of not-given permission
as permission without beginning’s temperament,
a pointlessness of retention feeding on impulse
while acquisitional emptiness abounds
as the unreferenced spontaneous is in return,
as where without location,
why without a timeline or cause,
who or what without frame or identify.
the dimensions of experience are existing
as evaporative soup
in a bottomless, brimless vortex of bowl
with no sense for hunger or thirst,
no grasp, only a viscosity to being . . .

Monday, June 19, 2017

LIP SERVICE workout 6/19 17

(repeat if necessary slowly
as advanced student
of the lip service art)