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Sunday, December 31, 2017

what is happening 12/31/17

paradox, at its source,
is a monopoly predicament
it’s refined mind trickery
contradictions are only reflecting mirrors
but we primarily see the topic for the tease
oxymorons are only presenting
on the expression runway
filled with fashion-poses
alluring to current mind styles
what we claim as puzzlement,
as out there
is really only solutional-mind in restraints
if we could only kiss
the ring of our brains
as the rightful chosen leader
of our beings
even our logic serves
as court jesters to fancy
dualistic thinking always has vat-filled pratfalls
pitting itself into dichotomy intrigue
as if you can’t have the one
without the other
senses are addicted to contrast perceptual reporting
mind makes no sense
out of the oneness of it all
or even the complexity of oneness,
we can’t be part of the big picture
or how else would we come to observe it?
experience itself is a koan
in the way we approach with it
imagine if we had the mind-fix
to realize in the big picture,
paradox is a mind stifle offered
a stampede of unanswerables from within
contradictions just hawk linear minds to death
for now,
topic in the national news
is for profit
and not for answers
luckily we pray to the god of details
to save us
linearity is a lozenge
to either swallow whole
or choke on
life sucks by every other means . . .

Saturday, December 30, 2017

we go on 12/30/17

I got on track
to what I was thinking
a gravity of cause
then lifting me
is this how motivation works?
I feel like baggage myself,
as a carry on
maybe there is a also check list
the mind screen needs
to be way more evident
relatedness surrounds me
more than clothing
I am the heart of the matter
but so vacantly involved in transit
I could implode
and that would make no difference
how did momentum capture me this way
I have an unwritten diary at hand
as imagined rocks
tossed into a tranquil pool
this inner vision sustains me
language does not have arms long enough
to have any of my words
spoon-fed to myself
as if to save me,

yet we go on . . .

Friday, December 29, 2017

puzzling 12/29/17

go is the act-out imperative god of my smallness
do is the M.C. of me introducing my next acts
forever, puzzle pieces to be discovered and placed
I was supposed to do border first as a meaningful life
never got the picture to work from
even sidedness can get to be an issue of concern
for it seems that both sides have a tactile contexts
paradox is forever the first task at hand
what sees and what feels must learn to work together
there is an edginess to discern with each piece
the downward cut of the next moment gives me surface
some call this common sense or moral aptitude
but I, as if blind, feel for the edges to know the truth
four corners, so far are my significant others
haven’t found them all as of yet,
but love and a sense of direction seems to start with them
border is so tough when I have been expecting interlocking
no one really said that was so but somehow I believe it
surprisingly, I  don’t know how many pieces either
but I am trusting that death is not the last piece
and the table is big enough for full assembly and view
is this as reality a flat out lie, then what am I doing?

Thursday, December 28, 2017

of gold 12/28/17

weight also carries the dignity of gold
a precision in stance, so solidified
hidden agendas abound in the surround
a celebrity status as part of human existence
no one is there to demystify
gather all that glitters as detainees
ownership is the prevailing concept
righteous, as if there is the gold standard
a mindful reputation humanly held
audience provides for these, as vanities  
as if the showing off of material slaves
owning is such a stage presence
gravity and sight are sharing a private joke
it is beyond the mind of ownership
behold, the posture of gold
as humans remake its presentation
yet rainforests are relevant to humans
while gold is posing, as how statuesque
when rainforests are servants of our need
need to breath precedes want of desire
gold, false lynchpin of storied human endeavor
yet gravity honors the dance of the trees
with melodies that support, beseech and implore
while gold sits on its haunches
dormant that comes to shimmer
each using the mutterings of the sun
one as spirit, the other as shine
please know, we are served by breath
and hummed and hawed by sight . . .

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

the hologram of you 12/27/17

the hologram of you
is an interior spacial presence in me
occupying no space
out of a timeless means
filling me with an emanating sense,
an uncelebratable recognition that simply deepens,
an intimacy that expansively reveals,
a reflection of streaming traits in mutuality
taking me to deeper places within me
within you, within me
where we take up no space with differences
a sameness of expansion yet embraced
embodied harmony of we-being
the tuning forks of one play
a greater whole than just the two of us
unquestionably beyond givens as reasons
in dimensions otherwise unexpressed
living as answers to questions not yet formed
in a depth beyond what story would reveal
what I would want for all beings
without species consideration in request
diversity’s response to the oneness of it all
where I am embraced without being held
where I has no dominion as reverence overrides
this hologram of you is ever in the lure
to leave particulars aside
accounts, notwithstanding,
language lavishly abandoned as if not of need
even experience of this
is liquidity without specifics   
a sleep state of awakens flourishing
the up-rise of a fragrance that can’t be named
only imbibed as full absorption resides
my awakeness is a sleep state of this invitation
every time your presence, embryonic
revealing the hologram of beyond
ever the same, timeless and expanding
precipitous, the joyless joy
from unknown ever the inducement of expanse
yet deeply light-hearted we all are,
from within . . .