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Sunday, July 31, 2016

primal oversoul (haiku) 7/31/16

primal oversoul
not express depths of anguish
but the deep drawnness

Saturday, July 30, 2016

apparition’s inquiry (conversational) 7/30/16

So, who does your think?
And, once again, who are they to you?
I know, who you thought they were.
So, how does all of this that they do,
how does that get back to you?
Supposedly, you’re all tight with it, with them?
I mean, everyone else, on the outside,
seems to think, it’s just you.
And really, they, those thoughts I mean,
they have all of the cover in mind, so to speak.
So, when does that get old?
And don’t you really sort of have
your reputation to uphold?
Again, so, really, just between you and me,
aren’t there a lot of inner moments lost in translation,
in these spurious inner conversations?
However was their think,
really,  ever going to work for you?
Well, I know it is really hard.
It must be really hard,
since you can’t leave home without them.
So, where in hell did they get their perspectives?
Their sense for orders?
And their handling of your worldly mundane?
That, in and of itself, is quite a load for you to carry.
And then, to eventually discover, the pretend of it all.
I suppose you could add more inner voices.
And then listen for some clarity from that inner dialogue.
So, with them added on,
it seems that you would have quite a boatload
for just really trying to get from here to there, moving on.
It appears that every next moment could be just a sigh
in a vast realm of hesitancies and indecisions
that come up, live in and eventually pass you by.
Hey, I just saying, this is what it looks like.
Sort of you, trying to please your internal crowd.
When what it really looks like, from far outside,
out here, is maybe, seems nobody’s home.
This is like a fungus of inner-self conversations mildew.
And who of them, that is actually representing you,
is consistently getting your positive nod?
Look, I would probably go with you being a loaner
or a version of introversion on demand
or always madcap comedian, readily on hand.
Hey, it’s not like you’re the only one caught in this bind.
So you might as well buddy up with internal confidence
and carry on as if you are, a character of one.
Down the road is just moments away
and being conscious with it
is suppose to gear up as having fun.
And really, I’m only here to help with the asking,
as if an inquiring mind that wants to know . . .

Friday, July 29, 2016

live the truth alive 7/29/16

the deadly path of foolishness
to embarrass yourself (?)
I think not (!)
more so, a means of exposure,
as needed.
somberness and stoic have their own melody
but muted.
and after all, it is not in the words
but to tone anyway.
hell, really, it’s in the breath,
however commandeered.
you show me, first hand,
and I’ll see for myself,
if that is what is needed
to tease the straights out of me.
look, every broken wheel is an unique,
an original smile.
am I too dense to only be looking past
and not notice?
even a sly or faint smile from within will do,
I’m going to start a charter school
inside of me
and I am going to fun(d) it for myself.
I am not asking for a change of venue
or change in general.
I want to know expansion first hand
but not as replacement.
even if I am a phantom amputee,
I’m still raising my hand.
my spirit whispers to me,
although I cough its silent truth.
breath is that rope to deliverance
even while the grip burns.
I would gladly live with
the stigmata of blisters appearing,
become tortured hand puppets
of spiritual animation,
then slap myself silly
with convulsive laughter as cover.
but you would know, well,
some of you would truly know.
why have matter
if you can’t live the truth alive
within it (?) . . .

Thursday, July 28, 2016

40th contemplation of desire 7/28/16

Desire makes for a "lost and found"
as things present out of context in the surround
but formally nesting deeply within the mind.
Desire finesses into our attention
with irrevocable longing,
having knighted everyone
as a being of emissary,
from minuscule abstract then brought to light.
They themselves from essence’s scent.
This spiritual kernel coming from the innermost
while the flesh of now, promotes and parades
the fill of evidence and circumstance.
But by devouring the now,
the power of desire is nighted into consciousness
this is how to hold it quite privately but bold.
Desire need not be at affect
of so instantaneously "bought and sold."
For desire is the harvest
from kingdom’s of self,
coming forth but yet untold . . .

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

our reality (haiku) 7/27/16

our reality
is an act out catharsis
to achieve true source