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Thursday, June 30, 2016

destiny cookie quotes 6/30/16

retentive mind is the surface of a lake, always receiving
problematic is overrated as positionality’s best pose
the luster of mistakes lights up an expanded view
grateful is being richly communal without words
certainty and uncertainty dance each other alive
who all else are, is unfolding magically by view
live the dialog down as if background is fading
important is next up as focus becomes the grip
results aren’t personal as process is movement
the creative use of how asks, how is how, how?
grab the wheel from yearning’s gift to explore
reality has its moments of still-point madness
know there is more to know, than knowing
beliefs are the likeness of clouds in passing
go where space is as if permission is entry
guesstimates of self, vary by mirror size
feelings come from beyond observances
make your vortex a nesting place inside
light exists before reflection confirms
conclusions dampen feeling’s reach
success is as good as a sneeze
use the tools, you use to be

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

36th contemplation of desire 6/29/16

For some, desire is as common in the mind-medium
as occurrence is,
as chemistry between two people is,
as all things with handles are,
or as subtle as composing a propositional koan
to puzzle the day.
We attempt to make this kind of inner reflection 
intercedably subjective,
in a similar way as a puppeteer shills puppetry talk.
We make the desire experience seem veiled
behind the liquid of prominent sensing,
endlessly pouring over the surface-consciousness
of our being.
We make formal thought appear as walls,
plastered in frozen frames,
and memory as a slow patience of a fragrance
to the edges just outside of personal time.
Desire is potentially a remake of our entirety,
feeding us a new form of self-interval,
just short of one eternity life of our being.
Desire is the river's bottom
always pledging solid steadfast assistance,
this as the hidden side of life force,
seldom sighted
but none the less honoring the float of our icons,
which eventually beach,
laden with meaning or relevance
and then somehow onto dust.
Where in this process, this migration,
is the heart, desires' deeds do not fully serve?
Desire celebrates "new instigation as a need,"
then desire becomes the seepage of joy
as an "expression of being."
For without desire,
we seem quite heartless . . .

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

downward glances (haiku) 6/28/16

those downward glances
they tell me your inner truth

without being said

Monday, June 27, 2016

Is pain a window? 6/27/16

Is pain a window, like to the soul?
Pain, real pain, serious pain,
is the divine Mother, without interruption.
Injuries allow for the doves of grace
to gather around, in concert to serve.
If there is a crucifixion,
I do it in small stages
with the taunts of injuries and aging.
The taunts are for blessedness in response
to be the gift, both given and received
in spite of the packaging.
Life is unwrapping the gift
and living that blessedness alive.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

recognition (haiku) 6/26/16

the frame I stare through
greets my eyes, so expecting

recognition’s fill