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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

how is now 5/31/16

now is god, now is the living bible
it is unapproachably indiscernable
it is ever so near as the omnipotent provider,
as the cash and carry of futures
and the evidence and consequence of the past
now is incomprehensibly vast, all of void-embracing-mass
but always intimately imminent, sourcelessly juicy
now is, in all ways, an open entry
blighted by the senses’ merger-ness of interpretation.
now is the most powerful and fearless, if of states
as if, in our minds, now were a creature of being.
it would have no consciousness of fear.
it would smell and feel for the fear, as in others
and like a dominate, it would attack and conquer,
envelope and embrace, division relinquished.
diminishment would follow and impugn what is left
yet now takes no prisoners, harbors no hatred.
what is left, is an ever transforming part of the whole.
the now supremacy overrides the notion of significance.
now has no need for the temporality of time,
nor the underwhelm of complexity spewn.
now does not ask for audience or cogitation,
that is all on us as if fearful were our state of minds.
now is all magic and we, unsuspecting props in the ploy.
now is the religion of indifferent unassailable reverence,
with no pledges, nor knocks at the door
no allegiance in gathered numbers, all faces to the now.
what you want is to drink in the now, or so we been told
but really what we want is for the now to drink us in,
to imbibe us to have complete mastery in the nothing
and everything, uneventfully passing through as the now.
sacred, unending, supreme without breaks for delight
the now, no cognition interrupt-us, no self of isolation,
the now as channeled, as the conduit of life.
so, how is now(?), how would now? . . .

Monday, May 30, 2016

32nd contemplation of desire 5/30/16

Notice has taken custody of desire,
the way an abductor falls in love with the aliveness
of said captive’s attitude and presence.
Notice accepts responsibility and oversees
for the who in each of us
that secures a sense of the self in charge.
Notice then dresses us with that hot breath
of recent internal conversation,
that keeps us historical by a comparison means
rather than momentous.
Notice further concludes for us,
a sense of self as if in the mirror reflected.
But the desire in us will soon enough outgrow
all of this by input.
Desire will be rendering the sweet rain of impatience
as a daily enrichment practice.
All the self concessionaires and helpmates
to the ongoing main themes as your life,
they also chronicle your ongoing,
moment by moment.
Hey they all got pit passes,
back stage entry and upgrades 
because they all know of your desires,
intimately, on a first name basis,
probably secretly,
even before you thought that you did,
those desires, then notice for yourself . . .

Sunday, May 29, 2016

facts (haiku) 5/29/16

facts real value are
the emotional impact

they can represent

Saturday, May 28, 2016

all content lies 5/28/16

from my eyes and ears of experience
all of content is ever this room-full of voices
all talking in my head at once, both louder, softer
fixating me on their view, but just yack in my ear
then my account of anything is their distorted view
the court of law for this moment finds me
unreliable as a witness to this realism 
everything I identify has a face of passivity
but yet a loud continuous whisper inside me
they all talk at once, baiting me
waiting indifferently on my next move as sanity,
I am fronting their lie, our collusion as a conspiracy, 
the optics, as I have it, is to distort to confirm me
these as a swarm of pseudo-conformations on my behalf
Inanimate objects are the worst, as indifferently so
they are lifeless to act in my world on their own
then there is nature that sort of interrelates with me
but their attention is on something more deeply rooted
beyond my attention span and needs
and then there are animals, creatures, varied in kind
oh I have hope with almost every one as encountered
translate their movements into gestures,
their sounds into responsive speech with me
but all is as content, inanimates, nature’s wildness,
and all these creatures, they all exist as content, that lie
to speak the truth of me, is our collusion
oh yes, we agree to agree but not the truth of our beings
my accounts have depictions, references, personalizations
we are not the same to each other by experience of itself
all the content, composed of this consciousness, lies.
I can’t tell you the truth, I can only live myself as it
I have no content
I come from before content
but language will not help me express that
language codifies my existence at the mercy of content
for me, as bafflement’s prison and no one seems the wiser
content is my body of knowledge as I live into it
life is not a means of getting this conundrum out of me           
no, I am not blaming anyone or anything
for there is no wrong place or wrong time
but if truth be told, as in the content of telling
I can’t wear this well and feel at home within me . . .

Friday, May 27, 2016

say in silence 5/27/16

if we meet amongst unspoken words
then I have known you from before.
where to begin, the oddity of pronouncement.
I experience all the creature comforts of familiarity
on the inside of me, already professing.
do we have to have names and say-able account?
we are already decades in the making without story.
everything in the saying would only reflect shared core.
I don’t believe in past lives, but I do.
we are, somehow, beyond all the urges and encounters.
I don’t know how to know of myself in these terms.
you complete a part of me, yet not fully known,
that my searching would have wanted to be so.
this is so much more than touching.
feeling depths that personal experience has never viewed.
to say it is love, is too objectified to be the answer.
I am in the card-house of self, defined, collapsing.
we are not in time and it is as a spreading flood.
I am reborn and truly none the wiser, but yes this is so.
all the images, are flood-soaked as we are that water.
if my heart had a mouth and I would say in silence . . .