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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Stillness (haiku) 4/30/16

stillness is movement
even if you claim it still
with senses muted

Friday, April 29, 2016

Too late for an introduction 4/29/16

Your secret life has become vexing even to yourself.
Your reality fix has also become addicting,
upstandingness is on overwhelm,
subtle anger driven service to others is self-toxic.
Emotionality is over extended but under enthused.
The wardrobe about your story line is overused.
Where did the nudity within you
loose it sensitivity to be richly warn?
Inspired interpretations aside,
all of your connections wind up
in a personal private self-vexing mode.
Your little black book has festered in a digestive manner.
All others around you become mannequins
to this, as their unknown.
And you, who weave the silver thread around others
to give it to them as the light of their day!
Maybe you dared yourself to become relevant
or important or justified as a form of joyous seething.
You have now developed eyes for seeing in total darkness.
Why have a disease when you have so much else to share
in your masterful alliegence and sevice to others?
You will go down
as being so monumentally important to all of them.
You were and you did. Your death is near.
It’s too late now, for an introduction.
Come back soon, I miss you,
and your avoiding me . . .

Thursday, April 28, 2016

success versus failure 4/28/16

there is this phrase,
“success is just failure that hasn’t happened yet”.
or the converse,
“failure is just success that hasn’t happened yet”.
is this pessimism versus optimism?
the seduction is neither but acceptance of the premise itself.
framing in this way as a perspective style 
accepts the confines offered.
being results-oriented as the payoff diminishes the worth 
of each moment 
by living for a future that will somehow pay off 
or reward the expectations harnessed from the past in doing so.
premise as frame, devalues this moment and its richness 
for the promise of entanglements that bind the story being told 
to a way of life that limits both self awareness 
and also creates an emotional hostage kept alive 
via past and futures
that do not permit a presence in the moment to evolve. 
Preoccupation with pasts and futures, however constructed, 
make the present ‘a contingency of spent-ness’ offered up 
as the realism of the moment 
when truly that moment or this moment as it is, 
is buried in orientations and perceptual styles 
that vacate the possibility of presence in this moment 
for a projection of presence that is orchestrated with preoccupation as the driver. 
If the world of expectancy is a given 
and the skill sets applied are of that nature, 
then the observance of now is on a check list to be checked off 
and the rest of now is just filled with un-essentials of a distractive nature 
and the arrival of the impending or anticipated is the reward 
which takes us back into the premise conflict 
as results are designed to prove one’s worth.
there is this phrase,
“success is just failure that hasn’t happened yet”.
or the converse,
“failure is just success that hasn’t happened yet”.
is this pessimism versus optimism(?)
as a way of consciousness
as a functional evolutionary life?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

a symptom of a larger problem 4/27/16

the topic of hatred is only a symptom
that I don’t know you is only a symptom
maybe a symptom of a larger problem
that poverty exists is only a symptom
that there are refugees is only a symptom
the push factors of life are only a symptom
that people cue in lines is only a symptom
just maybe a symptom of a larger problem
the need for up-lift-ment is only a symptom
that we are contextualized is only a symptom
understanding as a framing style is only a symptom
that familiarity as a addiction is only a symptom
that problematic as a mind style is only a symptom
maybe a symptom of a larger problem . . .
(is all of this a sign of something else?)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stage four, as transformational 4/26/16

With suffering as a constant ambiance,
notice the wherewithal you have to offer kindness
as if from kindred soul.
Looking past the apparencies and this predicament,
feed on the care from your heart for others.
Even as your fire burns the kindling out of you
no more the predicament of self and proving worth.
Trial by fire opened the door.
The mind is moreover now the servant to the tasks at hand
while the heart, your heart, blazes into full bloom.
Distractions need tending but not preoccupation.
Your sky has dimensions of depth and connectivity.
Others can now ingest what you always meant to offer.
The song, your song, writes itself moment by moment.
You become the savant of infused feelings of spirit,
heartfelt without any disclaimer.
A bodhisattva living your vow alive!
Ethers are awake in you.
Dimensions are not spellbound, dumbfounding you.
No more the torture of cognition as compelling.
Focus, however derived, offers you surrender’s prize.
Be the instrument of your calling
and play to the hearts of all others around you.
You have nothing to gain and everything to give.
Provide for their spirit with yours
and bless with the light that now passes through you.
No struggle with words as lyrics.
Your presence with your eyes, will say it all . . .