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Saturday, October 31, 2015

entry without pause 10/31/15

she has a tactile braille-like tongue.
she takes sensuous nerve samples with every kiss.
faces are contours worth slowly exploring.
teeth are the puritans, straight faced,
trying to never touch, mouth to mouth.
otherwise the heads themselves are helium balloons, 
bobbing while face to face is weaving in a mating dance.
her eyes are not really looking but bathing by glances.
there is movement within, that is not bodily evident.
cues take me outside of time sensations.
breath is working with its own support-us agenda.
there is a wherewithal between us, soft but wide eyed,
steadfast gentle and attentively resolute.
the burn rate is accelerated,
bestowing body heat and radiance.
no questions asked.
face-language is basking in gesturing punctuation.
this is a two-faced sea surface with many currents present.
no one is there to impress but only to fully express.
slow-motion seems to be fast enough.
active observation is a fallback position.
it happens, but infrequently so.
I didn’t know that this was stimulation as itself.
is this why staring down into a clear stream is fascinating?
my eyes are open, even when they are closed.
emotions are staging encores
without a sense of performance.
there is an entanglement of beings with softness for edges.
the ocean water of us, basking on a sun-drenched beach,
is in ebbs and flows,
there is but communal entry without pause . . .

Friday, October 30, 2015

peace of being (haiku) 10/30/15

to stand in stillness
perhaps waiting in close watch
for peace of being

Thursday, October 29, 2015

why do you mind? 10/29/15

I don’t want to know knowledge that way. 
I don’t want recognition making conclusions for me 
for what is before me. 
I don’t want cognition as my right hand. 
I want my senses free and clear without definitiveness curtailing what I could feel. 
I want to be left alone until I am part of everything. 
I want how I am then to be integrative beyond relational. 
I want what knowing could do to be afterthought, 
not a short cut to being with and part of. 
I don’t want knowledge to be a monolith of importance to me or a load of informational storage 
where I have become the curator or the custodian 
or the factual epitaph. 
I want knowing to be full-empty of passion as flow. 
I don’t want labels or categorical order 
to be superimposed for my assumed convenience. 
I want immersion in the hologram, 
the simplicity of multitasking as organic. 
I want nuance and sensitivity to blend me. 
I don’t want history as rhetoric delivered. 
I want the implied rules of holism 
to be evident and trustworthy. 
Each one of us is egolessly greater 
than the sum of the whole 
but we are all of that same, 
set apart but not separate. 
I want the think to be alive 
but not conclusionary in nature. 
I want movement in both mind and body 
to be governed by the outside of time heart. 
I don’t want to be labored with attention 
done in any other way. 
I want to be awake to the song, 
fall asleep to the song, 
and arise to the song 
as it comes to be the hum of me. 
Why do you mind? . . .

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

oneness with ease 10/28/15

I look at that part of me
that densifies and substantiates.
It, of itself, is a long circumventive road
made up of mountainous as effortful style points,
to get from a here to a there.
To know this by taking form as a cause
is a crucifixion by act-out reductionism.
Words are pebbledom
on the long and weary road of understanding.
It is a mind made menial to observe
from audience genes dressed in sensory apparel.
Language is the wardrobe.
Self-consciousness is the mirror.
Reality as a viewpoint is a frail and representational.
True consciousness is not this
audience participation disease.
In my heart of hearts,
I have no separation,
no experience and no wants to need.
Before I had words,

I came from oneness with ease . . .

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Carry light (haiku) 10/27/15

eventfulness ends
the trance of joy overwhelms
carry light forward