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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

6th contemplation of desire 9/30/15

Latent in its reclusiveness,
desire as truth in its lucidity
is an essence in a flash,
yet mystical and deeply held
as in the bond,
the ceaselessly sinuous serpent of self,
finding self-recognition, molting
beneath the sensory skin
of mono-mortality’s offerings
as desire.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

nutcracker sweet 9/29/15

from the genius of impotence
comes the mindset of impunity
wielding the personal power
of compartmentalized mind skills
visualizing peek hole perspectives
as self serving processes
through the imprisonment from control
and the sterility of decisions made evident

upon those that they govern

Monday, September 28, 2015

the gift (haiku) 9/28/15

service is the gift
of giving as the reward
you received for being

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Details (haiku) 9/27/15

bother with details
the joy of refinement's task
order is reward . . .

Saturday, September 26, 2015

this moment 9/26/15

this moment is for cheap
while every next moment
whither backordered or pre-ordered
is not on sale any more

Friday, September 25, 2015

No future in the present 9/25/15

There is no future in the present. 
There is no past in the present either. 
However quaint the apparent dance, 
however wide-ranging the cheek to cheek, 
however crowded the present may seem, 
with futures calling us forward 
and past yelling from the back, 
the present is still everywhere in stillness 
and yet possibly unseen. 
This now is non-referential, non-cognitive, and non-competing. 
And it is not of anything new. 
It’s not controversial, non-phenomenal, non-comparative, 
and simply all of it, as complete. 
Can’t quantify, can’t dignify, can’t obsolete. 
It’s unapproachable without leaving all baggage left behind. 
It’s unattainable with memory as a video record saved. 
Can’t buy it, save it, store it or get back to it at a later time. 
Actually, it has no it. 
It’s a one of a kind but it also has no kind. 
All of language is the action of an exit process. 
Language has no heart or soul in the now. 
Senses seem to flail a sea filled with redundancy. 
Our reality is a profession of denial 
and yet the present passes through the all of us with constancy. 
We are a slippery oneness, forever in denial. 
We conger, we rectify, we propose, 
all within the dignity of this oneness, mostly undisclosed. 
For it seems dumbfoundedly difficult to go forward not remembering, 
there is no future anywhere, 
especially in the present.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Light (haiku) 9/24/15

light casts no shadow
that which is not light does so

shadow is a tell . . .

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Control itself is the disease 9/23/15

In the way that the universe is fluid beyond our comprehension to dimensionally realize this our efforts at techniques we use for control only hamper and distort the fluidity and essential connectivity of the universe across multi-dimensions that we do not fully comprehend nor actually consciously participate in as efforts towards confluence and flow. We pride ourselves on symbolgy. View most things as constant or solid or evident in their stature, at least for our concerns of control. We expect as a method. We predict as an outcome. And we determine relative to our intentional usage without actually having deep understandings of the integrity of forces and dimensions and interplay that is actually ongoing beyond our account of it. We make doodles into war models. We invest in a war machinery of graffiti. And we play as destruction, and conquer and victory, all at the expense of the world around us as props for the act outs we display. We invented money as a physical surrogate for trust. We employ a psychology of investigation into the manipulation and conger of that trust for personal gain as a form of profiteering upon the blindspots of others. We produce and inhabit mindsets that feature current methods and symbols but have no further depth or insights into life in a universal integral way and further limit the developments in that direction unless human gain over other humans is possible. Control as a method is vastly explored both at the micro and macro levels. Getting humans seduced into continuums is the first order of perceptual gain. Views like moral and immoral, right and wrong, Religion and atheism, poor and rich, race, nationalism, patriotism, gender, all feature a set of governing rules as actualizers for people to participate in and with. Once people have conformed to these assigned perceptual style as foreground interest, other sensitivities and sentience is reasonable disregarded. Critical mind in logical formats is the intimate rule of the land. Consensus reality can now be driving and directed into content that is lacking in depth and comprehension of the consciousness of dimensional depth or interest. Our lives become filled with behaviors and directives. Our attention can be drawn into the distraction of perceived entertainment and the impotence felt from news presentation style that feature information that is shocking but generates a kind of impotence to respond. We are fancifully held in check by our apparent circumstance, the diversity of immediate interests and needs and by the presentation style that the information comes to us. Oh we could challenge the information that comes our way but we cannot actually challenge the institutions that formulate that information to suit their needs. Almost all information is leveraged to serve some hidden agenda as a means to manipulate or at least manage the results. We are prescribed a life of conclusions to be aware of as living. A circumspect of circumstance that belies a deeper comprehension of being. Control exists as a deep enterprise of manipulation and psychological pursuit. Control is actually a dis-ease at the deepest level of being and consciousness. We are averted from those levels of shared awareness towards conventions of popularized interest. We have sports, movies, television, and travel. All of which are packaged for profit in their means of presentation. Mistakenly, we rejoice in the answers given and not revel in the questions that really need to be asked. Our search for happiness is not a bucket list accomplished! Such benchmarks are part of the deceit of deep interest. Happiness is not a resulting state of appraisal. Happiness is not a realization of outer forms and symbols impressing us. We exude happiness from within and express it outwardly as ongoing. We make light upon all that is then before us. Delight comes from within no matter what symbol set or ritual you apply as your experience story. Control lacks those deeper dimensions as possible and produces a life of custodial-ship for your efforts. You are not really you but are the mental manager of you who has a full time job keeping you in order and in check. Your success is wily survival to a ripe old age and your personal evolution is clearly under-dimensionalized as a human being. Wisdom is not age related. Wisdom comes from immersion and conscious awareness of the mediums of being. It is risk as growth rather than search for protection. Control is a top priority method taught to almost everyone as a reptilian brain demand. Control is featured as both an explaination and an excuse. Control is a small minded assertion, that feature apparent compliance but defies the more fundamental laws of the universe that we have yet to realize or be conscious of as participants. We all live in the junkyard of symbols and rules but we all come from the oneness beforehand and after . . .

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

gone looking 9/22/15

gone looking for soul
it’s always on the daily list of things to do
hardly makes the top five though
not sure where to look
or thought maybe there but not!
the calling lingers without reprieve
however once found
discovered it was not a commodity
it really wasn’t an acquisition
nothing to posterize or finally own
not apparel, or lingo to use
but the calling cannot be dismissed
no matter my attention span
or indulgence otherwise
still continues as if drawn towards
still, gone looking for soul
somewhat empty to fill
how to premise for the search
tried suppositions falsely claimed
created inner dialogue for clearance
thought I could self mentor by learning
understanding opened doors but still
not the same as deep fragrance that fills me
not at all like ocean floats me home
not anywhere like the light of my being guides me
not soul immersed in connectivity forthcoming
really, looking for soul

I guess in all honesty, to find me . . .