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Monday, August 31, 2015

Waiting on the world to change 8/31/15

“We keep waiting, waiting on the world to change”
but we truly are not becoming that.
It is not the power that is present that does the deeds.
It is the power of the mind that give us permission
to see beyond the old world sights offered us in vain.
The power for us to see through this all
and instead give our visions a life in refrain.
We are not waiting on the world to change.
We are not waiting either
for the change to change around us.
We are more so ‘the be and the about’ vision to transform.
Change is a trade off without the loss of that continuum.
Transform is the transcend of the omissions
and the oppressions and the confinements often hidden.
We do not want trade-off’s for better in comparison.
We want where oneness happens all of the time
as a way of life for going exponential fruition forward.
We want oneness to be the timing of things ever unfolding.
We want where permission comes as all of us unite.
No more make it better than it was,
but more so, wake us up to where conscious spirit provides.
We loose the mindset of comparative progress
and feel for the connectivity already there in soul.
No reason old laws and assumptions need to be.
We leave where we were the honorably waiting.
We come from human, feeling divinely connected.
We create from where all paths come into unity,
serve the species as the life-force expressed,
serve the planet as our journey has the honor to do so.
Gift us with vision beyond comparison,
find helping hands in service to this oneness spirit.
We are only one when united with the planet.
All life on this planet has compassion waiting on us,
when we are the weight, worthy of alignment,
when we are the wait, willing to become of the light,
when we are the beacons and the messengers
and the forerunners given to this first-cause.
We become the actualizers of compassion across the land.
We become the elixirs and the transcenders for this cause.
The only real legacy that matters is as a species
that discovered this alignment and live it alive . . .

Sunday, August 30, 2015

special (haiku) 8/30/15

living for the truth
is waiting your life away

as red light special

Saturday, August 29, 2015

2nd contemplation of desire 8/29/15

 I aside the mindful experience, to notice the momentum, 
the pervasiveness and the permeation 
of desire's initial presence. 
It the occupancy, not of a first-time renter. 
It occupies a gathering place not for bystanders 
that are passive and pedestrian. 
It is not an exiled populous of my unconscious 
greeting new possibilities of fertile residence 
in a conscious stand. 
It does not a burst upon the scene of my being 
nor is it a black comedy of inspiration twisting and writhing amongst fashionable thoughts of prominent mental stature. This is not a tourist's popular spot either. 
Desire has a comfortable, house-pet familiar presence. 
It has a haunt-pervading omnipresence 
that surfaces in the most myopic of mindful ways. 
Desire seems to be below the songs of hunger, 
beneath the maze of personality exploits, 
and behind thoughts that stand up with tall placards 
in my well lit mind-room.

Friday, August 28, 2015

politics (haiku) 8/28/15

all of politics
is a grand scam Ponzi scheme
vote and you are in

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The seven wonders of our world (4th version) 8/27/15

Why is experience so mired in time and locale?
Why does habit become so unconscious?
Why is mindfulness so bound by conclusions?
How come heart is so muted from presence?
Why is there the audience of self?
Why does language lobby for separateness?
Why is love everywhere yet so non-evident?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The seven wonders of our world (3rd version) 8/26/15

To sense what invites me
To feel for the embrace of everything
To intuit outside of time
To empathize in the oneness
To spirit all that is shared
To laugh as an expression of source
And to love as a solution of all riddles, paradoxes and affronts