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Saturday, February 28, 2015

trust myself (haiku) 2/28/15

have good intentions
not sure what I really want

so I trust myself

Friday, February 27, 2015

Unspokenness 2/27/15

I look up and peer out at you
in your overwhelming yet irresistible presence.
From the rock-solid gargantuan
lip-sealed jaws of your passive nothingness,
you, as the beast of desolate blankness
bring forth the vacant murmur
of the enormity of the universal void
as the affront and full assault of your emptiness,
with your soundless growl from oblivion,
and the resounding whirl of this consuming vacuum,
you are the compelling monument of your attendance
beyond the irresistibility of your nonexistence.
This overwhelming dismissiveness of you,
closing in on me from all sides
as this foreboding stature is devoid of
but satiated with your full-bodied emergence.
This senseless abyss of you,
at full volume is impactfully empty,
yet flooding me with the occupancy of irretrievables
from the oblivious as if I am overcome with concerns.
Yet I am only hearing the heard of my listening.
I am only watching my sightlessness in blind response.
I am feeling the mumbles and mutterings of your muteness.
Just how loud can your unspokenness
pronounce of itself in this way,
and go on running through me and running me down?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

To go into the nowhere of everything 2/26/15

I want to go into the nowhere of everything.
To go where silence is louder than sensate presents,
where sanity has no self consciousness to it,
where serene has no comparative basis of claim,
where sensuous is not an observational status,
where what streams has no apparent motion of measure,
where intimacy is a fallback perspective, out of oneness,
where all of the leave-taking imagined to get from a here 
to a there of a where, does not have any elements of disappearance.
That of ‘there’ was always right of here yet unnoticed.
Where, where has no come-forth means nor location present.
In oneness, there has no dimension proposing distance.
The presumption of space hides itself in this illusion of time, 
as time is the formidable task of linear exteriorized imposing experience.
When the essence of experience has no particulars,
then nothing of a sensate nature is incoming,
and oneness has no priorities’ perspective
and nothing configures as a topical in-time journey.
In inferring that I leap outside what I know myself to be and be, 
is to behold no separateness.
For me to enter into the mind of this now,
without space/time configuration,
is to know of the nature of nothing.
And that that passionate presence, is in everything
and that any further distinctions are to be
blatantly superfluous either as a medium or resource
or a way or a means.
A life journey accent up around the mountain of living,
is yet essentially composed of emptiness.
But when I have eventually circumvented the believed to be substance 
of this mountain and I get to the top of it,
the it of it, I may discover that I am once again
at the square-one awareness revisited.
But then that original startup, 
is now discovered to be unessential for me to once again, 
take that first step.
For that first step is only a journey of distraction.
And since I have possibly discovered
on that first journey up, I can’t know of myself
and also, be, I, in my absence of me, therefore am,
at the mountain top as so below,
and I leave behind the impactful awareness of ‘is’.
I surrender from the implicitness of the meaning of is.
I give up the experiential poignancy of is,
to go into the nowhere of everything, and be . . .

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fervoreverence (haiku) 2/25/15

fervor linked with reverence
as a state of being

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spirit Of Another Way 2/24/15

Waiting for you, inside your version, 
knowing already
my response and attitude but not my lines.
I am bound to torch a madhouse 
of refl-ex-pectations.
I am sadly looking homeward,
bound with duplicitous cross-needs.
Finding myself, a time-bomb in delivery
and you an irrevocable terrain of embrace.
We are simply children, 
finding each upon the other's table 
as our least favorite food.
Plead with the Gods 
to unhinge our chemistry,
to allow our common light a different cast 
upon the other that we slip into song,
letting go the binds of slight and insult,
and that we perceive dance as partnered
before detached attitudes 
invoke our interplay.
Spirit who dresses us, 
call us out of these costumes,
spirit who prompts our bearing, 
unravel this lesson,
unwind our momentum, 
and unsay what this says.
Be spirit of another way . . .