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Friday, October 31, 2014

trust for now (haiku) 10/31/14

what makes feel better?
I can’t know that until then
I can trust for now

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Want before wanting 10/30/14

What I want before wanting ever existed:
I want to speak to you in the language
of thunder that cannot be heard out loud
but is within the storm of your own spirit.
I want the traumas
of your own childhood memories
to be the punctuation
that you take away
from whatever is going to be said
and never use again.
I want us to be aware of the simpler life,
of embryos in cell division,
for us to be within the flow of those rapids.
I want our time before conception,
when and where there was the study
of our parents’ psychological states
and we were then the geniuses
who took them on.
I want us all back at the celestial gathering
before this dumb down we are in
became our apparent but not complete reality.
That’s what I want before wanting . . .

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Efforting 10/29/14

Efforting is a basic form of contradiction that is profoundly disguised behind the defense of stateable polarized purpose, pro or con, and physically animated movement that is willfully directed by a contextualized mind-reason for doing without regard for being. Efforting is temporally substantiated in a past and banking on a future, in denial of a ‘presence’ as a more viable means of being expansively expressing through doing. Yet we all essentially work by the lantern of being lit, even though we may appear to have either a headlamp burning or flashlights all around, in the extensive darkness of doing . . .

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gratitude 10/28/14

Gratitude, in essence, should not be a time-out from being. It should not be a frame-break either. Essentially there is no subject-object-ness to gratitude. There is no mental recognition that should override the eminence of being, forthcoming. Acknowledgment of the heart is not “I see you, you see me”, as we carry on, quite separately. There is no need for display in oneness. At worst case, gratitude should be like yawn contagion, as if in the blessedness of you, I find the blessedness in me and expression in the oneness of us is forthcoming and ongoing. The recognition intended is from your isness in shared oneness. Feigning humbleness, as a behavioral consciousness break from being to honor the presence of another, is actually a negative affirmation expressing the feeling of separateness inferred and not the deeper connectedness that is the expansion of shared oneness. Gratitude is actually a deeper commitment into the isness of yourself as self-love realized and then the continuance of self love shared . . . 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Isms 10/27/14

Isms, it seems, most all of isms, are composed of an operational negative internal bucket list. And when the experience of another person activates an item on that said person’s list as a potential reminder about something previously posted in their personal and private reactive bucket list, an ism goes off. And all physicality isms in general, are a metaphorical circle jerk away from where the people in the cluster are in a restimulational pursuit of their version of a positive reactive outcome, while the people on the outside are repelled in some internal quizzical manner, possibly in wonderment as to how can this be so. In every case, human positionality, residing in polarity, blindly rules . . .

Sunday, October 26, 2014

understanding’s ding 10/26/14

Understanding is a form of slow suicide by self-assignment. It is a concessionary existence. It is ‘add-to-the-cart’ nomenclature. It is a life struck between roadkill and litter, but fast paced in the pronouncement of the superficialities of zoom. Understanding is a ground-figure syndrome featured by Machiavellian consignment in the neurology of movement’s account. Understanding has a lodestone presence as awareness of it has merit. We are thus a static cling of observation yet fading from every moment’s view. We go down to the river of consciousness to bath momentarily with unceasing needs to cleanse away the impact of last moment’s thought. We are the existential tuna existence, swimming for the life of next thought’s needs to breathe.  We yearn for the evolution of sentience and long for the emptiness full of reprieve. Light is as addictive as sugar and yet we want the metabolism of oneness to dance our existence. Ants, bees, a forest of trees, and oceans’ galore, please reveal the secret to your oneness, please! We are in high amperage, idling along. We are one yawn contagion away from understanding’s masterpiece. We are one humanity collective sneeze away from understanding’s koan of release. But for now, we are under, we are stand, we are ding’s ding’s ding.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

unequipped (haiku) 10/25/14

we are unequipped
to be ourselves, being here
how did this happen?

Friday, October 24, 2014

the orphan question 10/24/14

Who are we as the orphans in question,
who essentially comes from ourselves
yet abandoned by only answers
before our ears first hear?
This question, its own exile,
shrouded in habits,
slung in the swings of alibi,
kept in resins-like memories
as if reality itself
were the drug of preference,
self-medicated right here,
in a where-we-point-our-flashlight world.
This question,
by way of internal remarks
from a pressing personal and private crowd
of darken self-figures
vacantly but incessantly calling out,
from deep within . . .