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Sunday, August 31, 2014

eraser friend * 8/31/14

An eraser as a friend of mine
somehow grew wings
to support his miraculous claims.
He then flew away
and made headlines.
I was still at home
when the paper came
and he was my confessor!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

true comfort (haiku) * 8/30/14

I come out of love
displacing my aloneness
breathing true comfort

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tacit assumptions * 8/29/14

Where do I go and how do I enter the animated but secretive life of tacit assumptions? What is the peel-back and how do I catch an edge? I started with staunch and vehement positions to see what I would say to myself and what I would do mind-wise to defend it. It is a curious kind of self-incrimination. To witness a dialogue done, not for judgment stated but for assumption discoveries. Why do I believe what I do and how did that get to be so? And who of me keeps it updated as such? Not easy, memory as such is a kluts as a provider. Either I am on the receiving end of a dumb-down or logic is a fabricating storyteller! Whenever I originally formed these views, had to impress me with something. It now all seems like a house of cards. So I decided that motive, at that time, was the maker and I went with that program. If that is so, now is a different fashion statement for me if I am still that superficial to myself. I don’t think I am asking for the cold truth. But I am certainly looking to understand how that process functions to serve me. It is most interesting to go deeper within and find the behind of the behind about it. Nuances, vanities, peccadillos, outright lies, embellishments, inflationary pretends, all given an internal existence, as well as secret superstitions with effect, unrevealed vibe alliances, and of course, all of the reality collusions we could succumb to without questioning any of it in this deeper way. So much goes down, yet without saying. I want that sight back. I want to be in depth and more current. I don’t want to carry this invisible load. I want a presence with the possibility of light. And therefore assumptions that serve my spirit and not just allow me a passible existence. I want tacit assumption to be clearly connected directly to my spirit with somewhat conscious access. Yes, tacit assumptions as the carrot before the consciousness of this horse.
And onward I will gallop with glee . . .

Thursday, August 28, 2014

know what to do (haiku) * 8/28/14

disaster strikes home
most people know what to do
to share from their love

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

concern * 8/27/14

There is the ever so myopic seduction of concern
as gained by personalized perspective.
Concern appears somewheres from within me.
I extend my internal motherboard
to be operative by what I sense before me.
That I subscribe to the world outside
as to, somehow in the now,
and further more somehow ‘turning me on’,
not realizing my prominence in the denial
that I am always on but not truly connected,
that with this ‘brought on’ attention,
there is the appeal, the draw, the enthrall,
the unseen encouragement
to give in to my focus of apprehension
that I am now a first person part there of.
How did I ever get
so internal and disconnected
that concern, my concern, could look and feel
and smack me with a hard edge
and a come on like this?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Receive (haiku) * 8/26/14

that you are alive
this gift that you truly be
face to face, receive