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Thursday, October 31, 2013

only in the first person * 10/31/13

I am devoured
by the shower that rains me.
I am swept up
in the flood coming forth from within.
There is no telling
to what words cannot pronounce.
Everything that happens is only,
in experiential audience,
a slight of sin . . .
Otherwise, in first person outpour,
my spirit,
seeking a new breath
in consciousness,
is the expression coming forth,
celebrating the essence
of my being . . .

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

blue light (haiku) * 10/30/13

there is a blue light
loving, within each of us
heart of the matter

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the presence of fresh eyes * 10/29/13

The presence of fresh eyes ongoing.
Carving with first cut impressions.
Scraps and cutaways, given to recognition.
The redress of first views, again.
More snippets, quips, and view tailorings
as still first sights persists.
Impacts fury then register,
a composite comes into frame.
A pool is formed
that common words can all drink from
before their run towards expression.
Still fresh eyes persist unflinching.
It is not a stare down
but a further full forward embrace,
innocence into fascination,
immersion onto assessment potential.
Impress and feelings given to inklings.
Impact into insight,
a directive towards response
memory becomes a court reporter.
The whole process, staying empowered.
Words will now come forth,
searching for common ground,
an island of truth to land upon.
From the sea of me, upon which I saw
what I now think I’m saying, I saw.
Soon fresh eyes will have moved
to another stance.
Attention shifted to account and define.
Soon like a bloom into blossom
then gone,
fresh eyes is a very difficult long-term,
way of life . . .

Monday, October 28, 2013

the art (haiku) * 10/28/13

the art of living
requires breathing consciously
every breath counts

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sustainable oneness? * 10/27/13

I was in your breath
before it had a thought to serve.
I was a fluid in you
before it became a secretion.
I was connected through you
before the bioelectricity relayed it
as a message,
before skin to skin as touch
offered a soothing self-entry.
I was eye-to-mind contact
before recognition had some semblance
of self in receivership as frame.
I was shared senses
pondering if the meaning of input
could ever produce an orientation
for a life-story worth living.
I was also every next person in your face
yet seemingly isolated away.
I was as well,
every waiting-station remembered
as a presence asking
for a meaningful life to unfold.
I sampled every fear
I could get my heart on
as if I had junkie potential
just to satisfy
what curiosity would throw in my face.
Sure, I had wonder,
that I couldn’t land in my person
or to do anything about it,
but it, that it, wouldn’t go away.
Even meaning only proselytized
towards the truth of me I needed.
I had moments on intimate proximity.
I had seizures of the grand
and daydreams without closures.
But worst of all,
I had the methods and madness of audience, 
the persuasions of experience,
as if I could never belong in the oneness.
This then produces the life of aftermath
and the dreams and longings for futures
yet to be aftermaths.
I am not ‘I’ as a standalone.
I am not ‘I’ just as an ego residence.
I am the unrealized oneness of us all,
spouting out these remarks
as if language was ever in the service
to this oneness cause.
I only have an ‘I’
as if on the outside looking in.
Otherwise we are all only one “I”
without any of this distraction
as a lessening of our oneness
to consciously begin . . .

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wanted release (haiku) * 10/26/13

stayed to the very end

many days and many moods

I wanted release

Friday, October 25, 2013

I have a horse * 10/25/13

I have a horse.
I named her catharsis.
She is a wild thing
that lives in the Montana of my being.
Together, we are crossways,
a shifting map of forever journeys.
Always, she makes me feel my way
upon her, across the travels over land.
Sometimes she stands
as still as a window view
until I see what she wants me to see.
Sometimes, she will not accept
the saddle of my disposition.
We ride together
as though the reins
are something for my hands to do.
Yet, we go where
my dreams have gone before us.
After we ride,
I feed her some de ja vu.
She is very temperamental
in a subtle low-key way.
There are times in my daydreams
that I doubt if she exists.
I have trouble placing us in real time.
I’ve never ridden her
with anyone else around us.
But we always roam
where other people are present.
Yet, they never really notice her,
at all . . .