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Thursday, February 28, 2013

why have a paradoxical ‘I to eye’ 2 * 2/28/13

day two

I swim daily with the piranha 
of details close by, as the hand 
that feeds on me. I (introspective eye), 
am kept by a consciousness consoling me 
with my awareness of what is 
melodiously surrounding.

I constantly make locality maps 
out of “you are here” moments 
rather than be present. 
Yet I (introspective eye), 
am in the swimming pool of expansion 
to wade beyond what I feel.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

why have a paradoxical ‘I to eye’ * 2/27/13

day one

I am consoled within the prison of applause,
the acoustics there, seem to tenderize.
When we clap together, I (introspective eye), 
feel like the spanked parts of my hands, 
sipping warmth, soothing me.

I slit my wrists of feigned maidenhood 
monthly. In quite moments of solitude, 
I (introspective eye), go down to the river 
of my blood flow and see myself tranquil 
and reflected.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring (haiku) 2/26/13

that one-day arrives 
when you wake up to smell spring       
and your body knows

Monday, February 25, 2013

the nature of oneness? * 2/25/13

The nature of oneness:
As a question,
put forth in language?
As in a conversation about it?
I have to say to this inquiry,
the nature of oneness,
as it has been referred to,
is a mirror statement,
if you are also asking,
it is for you to reflect upon
who of you is asking.
Like, from where within you,
was that phrase spoken,
as launched.
Where within you
did it take up enough resolve
as meaningful,
for you to say it out loud?
And within what as that
is there conscious buoyancy of meaning?
Is it sustained as just a concept,
as stated , ‘the nature of oneness’,
that you could realize both
as an answer coming back to you,
and a confirmation within you
for what you would know it to be?
Would that as dialogue constitute
a creditable response?
Is it a reply in like kind,
to whom of you who asked?
And also is it for you
to have the self witness sense
to further realize
the frailty of conversation
to carry more than just meaning?
As if, in conversational agreement,
we could dwell beyond
what knowing would provide
and feel the immersion
both directly and energetically,
within and beyond our vocal account.
And yet this is carried within
the trivialities of speech exchanged.
And for us to be aware
beyond conversation, understanding,
the implications of selves,
even amongst our inner selves,
and also behind whatever could
meaningfully come
from ‘the nature of’,
is this something that we would
mindfully explore.
That that who of us,
from that audience of self,
leaves our status and position
as unnecessary,
to return to oneness
without recall or incidence
or event as override.
For what is
cannot be apprehended
by attempts at calling it out
or even ‘the calling’,
or the brought to mind
or the who of me
who thinks to ask.
All of which would be
acts coming from isolation,
imposed as relevant
forefront and center stage,
rather than oneness
as fluid passage in manifest!
that you asked,
has its wings,
from where within you,
has vibratory fields from that,
that could exist
as a temporary focus,
that has light,
that your breath provided
as a vocal breeze.
Where I am you
and you are me,
with these,
these wings, fields, focus,
light, and breath, all, are one
in a blessed illusory diversity
of oneness
in ongoing action, shared,
expressing the manifest
as we are the dedication
of it and also through it.
All of this within,
the further unsaidness of,
the nature of oneness . . .

Sunday, February 24, 2013

stairwell (haiku) 2/24/13

a stairwell fills ears
with folks’ comings and goings
cathedral of sound

Saturday, February 23, 2013

quantum dimension * 2/23/13

I ask,
what is the quantum dimension
of brain function?
Not that which produces exact replicas
by symbolic representation
of the world around
but is otherwise of itself,
active and ongoing
in the most direct ways of immersion
beyond timeline processes.
The brain channels itself
as well as providing
conscious representation.
I am asking about
a brain, of its own say,
without beckoning
from outside influence.
A brain, in a quantum state,
maybe more like
dream state production
and then conscious awareness
but not out of necessity
to compensate for other outside input
or for input from other points in time.
The brain, in a quantum state
of running of itself
and an awareness of that,
as its own hum, made conscious.
The workings of this, as a presence
but not for an audience
of consciousness
waiting for results.
The ambiance of receivership is
in motion as if like bees in a hive
but with no intent
or search for the honey.
Just busyness, bustling in hum,
like a subdued night storm
in a distant sky
that only producing streaks of lightning
both direct and frontal as well as blurbs
of far away light
connecting from other parts
of this brain not readily accessible
to observable sensing.
That I would have it in time and space
is discovered as
my reductionistic illusion
and presumption, when in fact,
the brain in this receivership
is more than static in location
but somehow wired up
to other space and other time
by a means neither apparent
nor comprehendible straightforward.
I am use to only recognizing billboards
before me and not blurs or wisps,
or some sorts of electrical blushes
as part of the ongoing dance
that is not results oriented
as I have so come to expect.
Does water in a stream,
while in the flow of it,
commune about where it had been
with other water parts
who were from somewhere else
for then?
I cannot say I came to here prepared
to be audience
but I feel ill equipped to be
except for those kinds of skills
as my tools for being
and conditioned to be
aware of here at all. 
I am putting words through my mouth
by some automatic convention of habit
but not sure for what I am saying.
But this search,
with what are my senses for now
is providing is somewhat
of a lucid dream state account.
I started by focusing on
what I assumed to be,
quote, ‘the brain”,
and am discovering, at best,
it is just a focal point
for a much vaster dimensional sense
than the physical mass would claim.
It is more like a transducer
of energetic means that intakes,
from a wide range of inputs,
even beyond what senses
would traditionally provide,
and somehow churns along
while we
as a constant conscious attendee,
receive byproducts
that we can comfortably handle
as thoughts styled into summaries
and judgments, and visions,
and context, and conclusions,
and as that which is understood.
So much beyond any of that is going on,
either below or beneath or behind
what we are comfortable embracing.
Can we carbon date familiarity
in the brain?
Do we ever have search tools
without the headlights provided by habit
or prior knowledge or sensory comfort
as engagement?
Why is my handshake of awareness
have to come from a knowing
for a confidence to occur?
I am here to investigate enormity
as enormity will embrace the brazenness
of a me to do so.
I wander as if soul was my grip
and innocence is my sight.
Here, I am meeting all my relatives,
gravity, space, light, cogitation, locality, 
manifest and inferences of beyond.
It seems that what I feel is
more immersed in all of this
than mind,
by my method of consciousness,
could be in exposure to embrace.
What was of me as a body of water
is now aware of the ocean
that I have misplaced
but has not misplaced me.
Humbled by the disconnect,
but the journey in all ways
is invisibly connected.
Words are harder here to say,
it takes so much away from being
to conjure, to have a here,
so boundaried by a sense of certitude
that is so shallow and over depicted.
I have nothing really to say
that you are not already a party to
within what and whom
you would call you.
In quantum, there are no names
to suffice for the oneness field
unified and always
in all ways
in the indiscernible now . . .

Friday, February 22, 2013

spillage (haiku) 2/22/13

way in the background
forgotten running water
demands attention

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Experience is laughter * 2/21/13

From a consciousness
point of view,
that is, consciousness
in a pure state,
everything experiential is laughter.
Not laughter,
like it’s contextually funny
or riddled with punch lines,
or the result of a joke,
or wildly out of an expected sort.
It is laughter that is celebratory
if you have to look at it from afar.
If you are in it, with it, from it,
no one is questioning.
There is no frame of distinction.
The ocean of being is in movement
as this realization forms.
Laughter is full mindfulness let in.
The body is in a contact high.
These waves trickle on down
onto lower vibrational fields
and are open-endedly embraced
as jocular personal experiences
expressed and richly so.
All of experience
is an opportunity
to embrace it up
with consciousness
no matter its definitive stance
or its contextual bind.
Laughter is happening
as a trickle-down translation,
experientially available
as a ticket to ride
with attuned,
higher vibrational awareness,
as the trigger.
Silly me.
And I thought understanding
mattered most . . .

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This compliment (haiku) 2/20/13

getting all dressed up
going out and being told
“ you look really great”

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beyond duality * 2/19/13

Beyond duality allows you:

to fish in rain clouds
and truly savor no catch
as a memory that never comes.   

to handle yourself
as the paint brush masterfully
while living in the contact
of canvass to paint,
of color through self,
of motion
as going about
in secretion whispers,
with viscosity, expressing soul.

to have a stiff breeze
yelling, though muffled,
through the weave
of your clothes
at the bones of you,
standing upward and facing
and yet be sensorial
in trumping that current
with the warmth of your being,
calmly pouring out of you,
buoyantly dancing
the breeze as hearsay,
strummed melodiously
while passing.

to be where you are
as a series of flashcards
that your mind will
flippantly take home,
to bring you into play,
to amuse you,
when you are back
once again,
relaxing in time.

Beyond duality is:
where all is frequency,
intimacy is locality,
sense environments
are lower vibrational rates,
where each one of us
is a gipsy orchestra playing,
where travel is
only expansion enterprise
and identification
is polite enslavement,
where nominality
is excess decals
on surplus baggage
and time is an antiquation,
posing as a sergeant of arms
in your coherency commune.

Beyond duality,
speech is wind across
the wing of tongue.
Yet movement is the voice
as all things are a capelle
in the quantum oneness song . . .

Monday, February 18, 2013

this orange (haiku) 2/18/13

orange in basket
that sits up like an apple
I won't eat its poise

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Duality * 2/17/13

Duality is material plain tourism.
Our senses are generally dedicated
to the dualistic perspective,
to see, feel, sense,
for our self-importance as means.
Dualistic perspective is
a perpetual bleacher seat.
Now, has no audience.
Consensus reality
is our species insular opinions,
gone viral.
The conscious mind
is never the source
but only the accomplice,
only the bystanders to the pretense
of any event.
Admittance to a god
is then a hearsay point of view.
Serenity, ecstasy, joy,
happiness and pleasure
are all postcards received
in sensate response
sent from the source point
within our being.
Having desire is like
taking a very quick shower
in self-love as a spray.
Your closest human relationships
in life,
are practical examples of beingness,
defying time and space.
Being aware of living,
is like being the editor of a self-text.
Philosophies are the psychobabble
of genuine primal utterances.
In a non-dualistic world,
the dictionary is like a used spittoon.
Spoken language is the work done,
assuming there is darkness
in the world to be avoided.
Acknowledgment, by its method,
is the denial of omnipresence.
Any thing meaningful has only come
to the surface consciousness of being.
Beyond duality allows you
to fish in rain clouds
and truly savor no catch
as a memory that never comes.
Dualistic perspective is like
having your mind in a parking garage
and remembering where that is
by the symbols used
and then, how we get there.
To live off the fat of the land
is to consider the planet
to be an essentially ugly kill
and then we have these rituals
as a feed fest roast for our existence.
In duality,
if progress is to be this capture,
then living it
as if towards higher consciousness,
is to be our self-assigned,
last meal . . .
How do you want
your dualistic “trying” fried,
before dying?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

this pillow (haiku) 2/16/13

this pillow I use
seems to recognize my face
much like your breasts do

Friday, February 15, 2013

Duality 101 * 2/15/13

In duality,
one would think of itself
as genetic in origin.
Can’t catch an edge
to identify itself as otherwise.
Functions as a given
once conscious, but no,
duality is not really the bottom line.
Duality, as a mind style,
is acculturated, ordained,
consensually confirmed,
experientially dysfunctional,
and yet a species mandate.
Duality is a functional bundle
propagated across
the internal motherboard of being.
Duality is
fundamentally contentious.
It is as if it is the ultimate success
of a lobbyist’s dream of supremacy
through undisclosed means
for the terms of engagement.
It becomes a pseudo anchor point
of self as in self-consciousness.
It is presented as presumed as if
you’re being taxed for having blood
is a given as a necessity for living.
The duality think is the orphan,
not knowing any better.
I am functioning as a double agent
to tell you this.
What I am saying is
a crime against society.
The punishment could be severe.
Public humiliation,
topically banned from participation,
clinically abnormal
and subject to a scrutiny beyond sanity.
Duality is incestuous without restraint.
Duality is one leg longer than the other,
all of us marching in large circles,
meeting who you bump into
as separate from you
but experimentally entertaining.
Audience is paramount,
and species entitlement is a given.
Duality think, presenting as thought,
is in the driver seat.
The bundle of duality techniques
we possess
as applicable are towards
a dumb-down reality context.
The carrot-before-the-horse
has become a primary resource
for reptilian brain reasoning.
That life is problematic
is considered to be
an original frame
of self as reference.
We are one deified band
of collectives of separates.
Well, in our own minds,
that is our M. O.
We have it that experience,
our own personal experience,
is up for constant duality review
and possible subsequent envisioning
as an ongoing theme to living.
Our senses are geared
towards being reductionistic.
It is like, when born,
we are each given still cameras
in a movie world
and expected to make up
the glaring differences
evident in childhood
by shared override techniques
of brain freeze collusion.
We are, by a duality perspective,
some of the sum
of the manifest ocean
but think of ourselves
as novel flavors of Jell-O
under some illusory forms
of agreed upon jellified containment,
riding along on exposed flatcars
of that bumpy but
the somewhat rhymic train of life,
jiggling away as if
that is the zest for life
called living.
Duality, as one of those
progressive pyramids
of MLM comprehension
and thus suitable understanding,
does not have an upside.
It really functions more like a maze
with windows but no exits.
Yes, people have maps.
People have maps, menus,
dictionaries, encyclopedias,
informational abundances,
timeline perspectives,
philosophical resolve,
squeamishness and candor.
All under the canopy of duality.
Think of it this way.
There is a horse,
there is a human.
The human and the horse
come to work together.
Then the human invents a saddle.
Duality is like that saddle.
And then we ride?
The way we think
is also like that saddle
but we call it
euphemistically, “objectivity”.
We then become the encumbered
with the self installed prison
we perceive as in service to us
where by “us” is a set of individuals
of like kind.
(It’s that deified band thing again.)
And onward, we go.
Even to go out on a limb,
a limb of no return,
and to say that we are,
by consciousness
an isness of oneness,
is still a form of terminal cancer
On behalf of duality,
may my thoughts
not lead just into your thoughts,
but beyond . . .
as to say, a knock at the door
is to realize it doesn’t exist . . .
and the card house of presumption
dissolves into a quantum present . . .

Thursday, February 14, 2013

closing in (haiku) * 2/14/13

vexed in the moment
compressed by these impressions
but I’m not these thoughts

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In stillness * 2/13/13

In stillness
there is an intimacy to motion,
beyond the outreach of notice,
beyond the whisper of subtlety,
beyond the loudness of breath
at the door,
that levitates each one of us
beyond our sensory cause
of boundaries or certitude.
A sense of confluence,
as permeating beyond 
the oppressions and immediacies
of time and space.
There is a liquidity in all things
as softening their boundaries
into one expressive flow.
It is a sense of the self
as participant without audience,
where the ambiance as presence
trumps the eventfulness
usually showering being.
A radiance beyond restraint
as forthcoming is emanative.
Lucidity arrives sooner
than description can assemble.
An outpouring is as embrace.
In stillness
becomes oneness expressed . . .