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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To celebrate a migraine * 10/31/12

Next time you think/feel
a migraine coming on,
lay down or sit way back,
relax and plan to take
a long soothing hike
down one of your arms
into the palm of that hand.
Scale it up so that the hike
from your shoulder to that palm
takes some time,
like slowly, five minutes
of leisurely journey.
When you get there,
let it be the end of a day,
and with some altitude,
looking west,
allow yourself to watch
a slow color filled sunset
against the billowing backdrop
of steep clouds reflecting
but not directly interfering
with the sunset.
But you’re now,
being mindful of the glow
and the ever-so beautiful,
as the colors bloom into a blush
and then, ever so softly fade.
And as they do,
become aware of your interest
in building a warm intimate fire,
something to nestle down with
right there in the scaled up
of your hand-landscape valley.
So, in your mind,
visually search out
all the firewood that you would need
from small pieces of quick-light
to larger and larger lumps to logs
that will suffice
for a long burning blaze
that provides a serenity of light
and more importantly,
heat, radiant heat,
for the whole of you
to bathe in
for an extended period of time.
Once you have visually gathered
all these necessary goodies,
begin to organize them
for easy access near you
and prepare yourself
for a comfortable arrangement
for you to lay on your side
beside this palm blaze fire
with the whole of your body
spooning accessible
to the forth-coming heat.
Body basking is what
you will be after.
Once you have assembled all of this
and comfort is anticipated,
light that fire ever so small
but palm secured.
Allow for your other hand
to animatedly assist
as the attentive provider
in bring additional pieces
to the fire when needed.
You should almost be
like communing with the glow itself. 
Remember building this eventual blaze
is for a warmth to emanate
into the nigh sky
but more importantly,
is for you to extendedly bathe
in that warmth as fully as possible.
So the heat should be
first faintly felt in your fire-site hand.
And then, with some active imagination
and some fantasy imaging to attend,
you invite and expand the heat
enough so that
all of your being
gets to partake, eventually.
So as your fire-hand warms,
ever so slightly,
allow your arm to sense and feel
for that heat as it spreads
to include the front of you
facing that fire,
like a heat embrace is coming over
the front of you facing it.
Add elements with your other hand
when needed to increase the blaze
as tending is also a form of self-caring
to allow this magical heat to expand
and reach the front of your body
that is nestled and facing the fire.
All of your body needs to be available
to participate directly in the expression
of this warmth sent your way
by this campfire experience.
You should become passively alert,
yet relaxed and absorbing the richness
of the heat
and the visual joy of the flames.
Yes, your fire-hand will be the hottest
but your are not burning up at all.
Allow this to continue
to your heart’s content.
If in fact you fall asleep
during this process,
then let that be wonderfully so.
If done with thoroughness,
time will have passed without notice
and mood will have shifted
and that headache
will then be gone . . .

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shortchanged (haiku) * 10/30/12

who steals from themselves
sleeps fitful in denial
shortchanged in being

Monday, October 29, 2012

Intention and attention * 10/29/12

When intention and attention,
as if hands put together in prayer,
transcend to a higher octave,
they, compliment each other,
feel like attunement
and function as a drawnness.
In a higher octave way,
these two, as arms
are surrounding essence,
which is already present
and this is felt
as an immersive embrace
by these hands to arms
that enfold.
The real work for being there
is in and with integrity as manifest
rather than the projection
of character as development.
Integrity is
a higher energetic efficiency
of being and a deeper expression
of spirit manifest.
Everything in that radiant way, 
is more source-fully forthcoming
and functions with an in-depth clarity
of a deeper multi-realm awareness.
All of this subsequent presence
is generated from within a deeper
vibratory feel expressing consciously.
In a metaphorically sense,
this swim of intention
and then the action of attention,
into the river of soul
requires many repeated
conscious occurrences 
until one is buoyant
in the momentum from within
and not just treading in
one’s awareness as spot checks
of this continuum
as a fluid state.
Intention, with a deeper ruddership
and attention,
with an uncompromised
relentless focus
both lend and provide
for a presence shift 
from person to being to spirit
as an expanded environment
for others to truly benefit from
harmonically, holographically
and also, in a oneness sense
of radiant higher consciousness.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

understanding (haiku) * 10/28/12

understanding is
stating the past remembered
as if it were now

Saturday, October 27, 2012

value * 10/27/12

Value has had a facelift.
It has left behind
the real costs of materials,
production and sales
and now has ventured
into the psychology
of the purchaser
to determine essentially
whatever the market will bare
as the beauty of its selling price.
In some instances,
it is the psychology of coveting
or of long renowned scarcities
but now it can be public buzz
or media exploits into farcical truth
and of course the traditional,
truth concealed.
These areas of new inquiry research,
as investment into the psychology
of how value functions,
are “exploitables” for profit. 
The repercussions or retractions
are minor in a collusion of like kind
for profit industry.
Industries themselves compete
against other industries world wide
for attention and the bottom line.
Value as it is so disguised to you,
can make the unknown profit shadow 
monumental as opposed to
percentage of proposed selling price.
Purchase price is
a psychological profile test
successfully completed.
Some product or services
pass the test while others fail.
It is a constant quiz,
every purchase is an answers.
Value is a form of I.Q. test
and we all living
the fill in the blanks of that stature.
Profit is reading poker tells,
every purchase as a turn.
In fact every bit of attention given
is now becoming a turn.
Media, as a business, depends on it.
Value is becoming an identity crisis
of consumption.
It is a trial and error method
of studying the brain
in a functional sense.
The curiosity is for profit.
Once we become
a creature of resourcefulness
and not of content,
the whole model,
much like a house of cards,
will collapse.
Not that value will end.
But value, by its nature,
will now be more fluid
and interactively ongoing.
Presence rather than product
will weigh more heavily
in an ongoing basis of being.
Value will transcend the tools.
Charisma and passion
will be a functional benefit
present in value.
No more the junkyard dogs
of religion or art
as a displacement
of inner energetic honesty.
That authenticity
will have permission
to be shared more directly
than capitalism can displace
into profit would then be
our method of culture.
Value then becomes a language
of appreciative communing,
expressively so.
As that unfolds,
like attracts like,
as a way of life . . .
Value then
is more what you
present tense embrace
rather than
what you past tense,
memorably cherish . . .

Friday, October 26, 2012

enormity (haiku) * 10/26/12

comparative truth
should not be the drug of choice
breathe enormity

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lying * 10/25/12

Lying, the nature of lying,
the self-observation of lying,
the act of lying,
the environment of lying,
the consensual understanding
of lying, the moral, amoral,
immoral tenets of lying,
the very fabric upon which
lying has a perceivable existence,
are all postured on a shallow bedrock
that is, in its very presumed way
of life, a collection of falsehoods
and contrivances
and dysfunctional assumptions
that float its relevance
as a keynote to our consciousness.
Yikes, what a sentence!
Okay, let me try
to say this in other ways.
As long as we claim to be
functional from Newtonian mindsets,
lying is a fundamental given.
As long as we are committed
to language as communication
and not the essence of conveyance,
we are subject to a fractional account
as implied but falsely so,
as conclusionary certitudes.
As long as we thrive on depiction
and symbology, agreement to agree,
and the presumptive basis
of expectations, we live in and promote
the land of noble lies
as a way of consciousness.
Noble lies can be trite,
in personal comparisons
or grand as in cultural denials.
Lying is based on what is said
rather than and more importantly so,
where it is said from within.
Self-consciousness is a working member
of the lying core,
either actively or passively,
which then of itself can translate
into acts of omission
or acts of commission.
The work of understanding,
that cannot swim to the source
of the say, is inadequate
but very real for the state
of shared consciousness
assumed to be “reality”!
Unless there is immersive empathy
as a deeply functional primary
in this process, and that this process
is basically quantum in nature
as a oneness, we, as humans,
have pompously decided to
Self-indulgently agree with ourselves
in that entitlement way that begets,
as a side process of fastidiousness,
positionality, which then addresses “lying”.
If we actually “got each other”
in a quantum conscious way,
lying would not exist
and it would be non-operational
since there would be no separation
to use techniques like account,
justification, “now, tell me the truth”,
a court of law, or language
in the fallible ways
we currently imbibe it.
Psychology and ethics,
if they actually existed of then,
would imply profoundly different
and deeper complexities
as immersive understanding.
Phenomenology, may exist as an art form, 
trippy, but not a higher minded way
of oneness embrace.
To claim a diligence
and subsequent imperative
about the impact of lying as fixable
is to deny the basic deep-well nature
of consciousness.
Reality based on content representation
is a falsehood
exceedingly promoted as culture,
government, and the need for social order.
All of this is a preoccupation
dumb-down process.
We seriously damage sensory usage
with judgment, account, expectancy goals,
and linear mindsets
and call that fit and order,
all personal growth.
Language, in its back-story, aliases,
hidden agenda, assumes separation,
in order to frame what is to be said
as import and relevant.
In a quantum way,
we are far from a oneness sense,
as species, as a planet,
or as participants in (our) the universe.
Lying, as an important trivial index,
let’s us know how transcendently far
we, as a oneness, will have to go.
We present and promote the experience
of life to be an unfolding series of,
“to live for” stills. Memorable events,
even just the nature
of these events themselves,
as to how they present a frameable life, 
contribute to the shortcomings
of the flat screen reality of consciousness.
Our notion of addressing integrity,
as if it is a character aspect related to lying,
is as humorously dubious
as a Buddhist premise 
not to consciously intend to kill anything, 
yet driving down a highway
in a car, forfeits insect lives most every mile
of that journey!
The way we have trained our minds
into retention, the way we use ‘implore
and besiege’ with language, 
the massive connectivity implied by symbology,
are all fertile grounds for the cultivation
and the harvest of liars and those
who preoccupy themselves
with their positions as watchdogs on alert
to the lying cult that is out there!
We are not holographically dishonest,
but at this time, and by the means
we use as daily techniques,
we are very limited to be in a consciousness,
as a oneness consciousness.
If we were where lying is an inoperative
then we would get where we,
as apparent individuals, are coming from,
and in doing so, get the shadows,
the blind spots, the vulnerabilities,
the traumas to unravel, the emotional seats 
and hotbeds that need expression
for the spirit to arise and come forth
as the oneness consciousness 
that is in residence but yet unrevealed . . .
When we are the consummate environment
of another being,
they cannot lie to you.
Oh they can lie all they want
but they are not lying to you.
You see the fabric of their circumstance
as their consciousness wholly portrays it
for themselves and you share in that journey
as it expresses you.
If that is so,
it is pointless and distractive for you
to call it out as lying and therefore deny
the benefits you receive
from the deep connectivity with that being
as the journey of experiencing
duly provides . . .

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

display versus play (haiku) * 10/24/12

the world of display
is not to be confused with
the beauty of play

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Momentarianism * 10/23/12

Momentarianism resides
staunchly in the present
at industrial strength occupancy,
supremely reinforced
with a majority
of unified short attention spans.
It features, as behavioral rituals,
tweets, video clips,
mostly still photos,
and opinion quips.
It’s a kind of social
whole body of work,
mostly accomplished by
jibes, one liner, retorts, glimpses,
that are impulse flash driven.
That inner reactive voice
that use to be curbed
at the mouth
has now been given
selective experimental permission.
Partly, it has faultfinding search,
like focusing on the dead bugs
on the windshield while driving,
but some have been,
out of context quirks,
or a kind of gawking spectatorship
as an inbreeding-for-share,
programming in place.
It is vulnerable and venerable
to consensual bites.
Popularity inferences
are trendy and weigh heavily.
Voting, as in
pass this along for share
is part of its enterprise.
Tidbits, snacks,
sound bites and clips,
all work well
within this temporality.
Seen it, done it, been there,
is a hungry but cynical audience.
Contemplation in momentarianism
is like that place
where you are
just before you know
you are going to sneeze.
It is where
time-lapse photography
makes a lot of viewing sense
without all that pointless
real time waiting,
although a day
in a time-lapse minute
is suspect to still be
solemnly slow.
As on scene as this may seem,
texting while driving
is the only reason
for posted speed limits
to be observed as justification
in a court of law account
as to, how
did this accident happen?
Momentarianism may have always
been in existence,
undisclosed within each person’s
inner-mind dialogue
but now, longstanding rules
for use of language,
acceptable topic,
shared opinion,
general summary and slander,
have altered how
and by what means
these remarks are made evident
or should I say, are broadcast.
Momentarianism of this kind
is not for everyone,
sort like how multi-tasking is,
for some, it is native and natural
for others,
these remarks are verbal farts.
A brakeless run
in a down hill fashion,
off of the mountain
made of that day.
Please, momentarianism
is not to be confused
with the “now”.
One is picayunish personified,
while the other is
oneness without objectification.
Go figure . . .
A first time Slip N Slide run
as compared to
today’s ocean ride
from a lifetime surfer . . .

Monday, October 22, 2012

to clarify . . .un-united (haiku) * 10/22/12

when humans name it
this, as an embodiment
separates us all

the predicament (haiku) * 10/22/12

experience is,
from nominality’s use,
entitlement’s ruse

Sunday, October 21, 2012

12 tribes of experience 10/21/12

We come from the twelve tribes
of experience,
part of an alien endeavor,
an experiment in the mastery
of the Newtonian set
to overcome the seduction
of apparent causality detachment
from a single point of view.
Transduced from higher dimensions
down to three, we now each hold
a palate of intention,
a means of direction,
and a working simulation called time.
We are the riddle of experience
bound to our own unraveling.
We traveled through riddle-less realms
to get here, maybe even to be here.
We carry the ball and chain
of one-pointed-ness within each of us.
We are veiled
from our collective strengths.
Currently, we only acknowledge
the predicament,
yet we commonly share the visioning
in empty dreams.
We are thumb opposing
as a style of acquisition.
What we touch, we project upon
as a contextual screen.
We dwell in the reality caste system,
self-selecting limitations' attire.
We are marionettes and puppets
in diverse stages of return
to the prowess of wholeness.
We have self-selected a life within
the laws of a physical chemistry.
We have crossbred our intentions,
both outwardly and inwardly,
to make our riddles more evident.
We have pooled the acting out
of our private lessons and given names
to much of the behavior
yet we are a planet full
of personalizing essays cross-writing
on a single life-page.
We carbon-date ourselves
as part of our resume.
We dip our dreams in the solution
called fear then we make fear
our seventh sense, as if fear were
a means of contemplative echolocation.
Fear has become our primary manner,
a self-generative method
of circumstance.
We employ love as an opposing potion
under the guardianship of remembrance.
Our bloodline is our bias,
yet we understand little
of its heritage or actuality.
We are the twelve tribes of experience.
We individuate to celebrate as follows:

The first tribe is the tribe
that celebrates the self
through the development of these skills;
narcissism, hedonism, being visceral
and kinesthetic. This is the tribe
of the first person experience.

The second tribe is the tribe
that celebrates desire through
the development of these skills;
expectation, confirmation of priorities,
protocol and the pretense of order.
This is the tribe of the lesson experience.

The third tribe is the tribe
that celebrates propinquity
and proximity through the development
of these skills; familiarity,
mindful expression, physical movement,
and relative space. This is the tribe
of the ambient experience.

The fourth tribe is the tribe
that celebrates habit 
and unconscious residence 
through the development
of these skills; usage, repetition,
mesmerizing passage 
and boundary awareness. 
This is the tribe
of the ritual experience.

The fifth tribe is the tribe
that celebrates creative means
through the development of these skills; 
imaginative truth, empty framing,
manifestive innocence 
and insatiable searching. 
This is the tribe
of the open-end experience.

The sixth tribe is the tribe
that celebrates service and
cellular composition through
the development of these skills;
supportive means, empathy, 
molecular intimacy and self-sharing.
This is the tribe
of the over-the-horizon experience.

The seventh tribe is the tribe
that celebrates relational awareness
through the development of these skills;
self-projection, personal space,
conveyance and cognitive fidelity.
This is the tribe
of the others-as-means experience.

The eighth tribe is the tribe
that celebrates contextual perception
through the development of these skills; 
sensory loading, framing dependency, 
exteriorizing receivership
and cognitive rewarding.
This is the tribe
of the filling-in-the-blanks experience.

The ninth tribe is the tribe
that celebrates amoral rational means
through the development of these skills; 
paradoxical resourcefulness,
simultaneous displaying, relentless
energetic sourcing and embracing
the unembraceable. This is the tribe
of the otherworldly experience.

The tenth tribe is the tribe
that celebrates the birthing of futures
through the development of these skills;
form mastery, penetrating time frames,
far seeing-ness and the ability
of blending edges towards fluidity.
This is the tribe
of the evident experience.

The eleventh tribe is the tribe
that celebrates the collective means
through the development of these skills; 
fulfillment, co-operation, production 
and telepathic response. This is the tribe
of the over-soul experience.

The twelfth tribe is the tribe
that celebrates the private initiation
through the development of these skills; 
distancing, undisclosed-ness,
addictive truth and self-addressing.
This is the tribe
of the finality experience.

The twelve tribes are built on
the cornerstone of perceivable intention. 
Language is a perceptual skill
within the perusal
of the Newtonian set
while the common pool of behavior
is generally used
as the vehicle of evidence.
The twelve tribes of experience 
were specifically seeded
and each seeding was organized
much like a box camera in that
there is the predicament of form,
where form was: the embedded-ness
of the consciousness,
a sense of direction,
the perception of contrast,
a sense of suitable focus
and revelation as results.
There is the knowledge of the light.
The tribes are working with
their elements in the composition,
and in the representation 
of the chemistry
of this one light.
There are many paths 
through many dimensions 
of understanding the nature
of the one light.
Using rituals that represent
the essential drawn-ness and driven-ness, 
towards the light of all lights,
each tribe has its own riddle
as a path of means to connectedness.
Such is the life journey
of the twelve tribes of experience . . .