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Sunday, September 30, 2012

connectedness (haiku) *9/30/12

to see the spirit
is to be present and feel,
sense connectedness

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just anyone * 9/29/12

Any one enlightened
and communicative,
is only sending
presence postcards
to a readership
wanting to have either
pre-race or rock concert
pit passes.
Still experience only gives
an aquarium-like
window-shopping view.
To focus on what is emanative
as if it was to be viewed,
and not realize the source
of it from within oneself,
is to profoundly believe
that the wind going by
the car one is driving,
makes the motor run.
There is nothing
to enlightenment to view.
But we don’t embrace nothing
that way with much success.
Further more,
enlightenment solves nothing
but we are generally
not at that stage
of quantum resolution, either.
Enlightenment is not circumstantial
or evidential or truly verifiable
by any means of certifiable passage.
In other words,
you can’t get there from here.
In enlightenment, here and there
do not compute.
Not because
there is no reasonable solution
but more so because,
here and there,
as comparable components,
are not enlightenment quantifiable.
Enlightenment has no bottom line
and it has no element of fit, to it.
Enlightenment is not a haven
and there is no solution
to be occupied.
Most of the driven-ness
for enlightenment
is to leave something
for something else.
In the drawn-ness
to enlightenment,
everything is included as it is
for those presumptions still exist.
Enlightenment does not address
It is both other than
and part of it,
given that there is no it-ness,
to address.
Enlightenment is not
a graspable tool
for leverage,
or means, or solution.
Language, as a way
of reference,
is really only,
as it is here, hearsay.
Enlightenment is really,
just anyone.
But the experience
of enlightenment
is the imminently recent past.
Yes, after the fact,
and not party to it
but of it, as an isness.
Just anyone is enlightened,
but experiencing that
is just another
all-together matter . . .

Friday, September 28, 2012

Commitment (haiku) *9/28/12

their spirits were clear
they were ready to go on
where was I with them?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The superlative life * 9/27/12

Living in the ever-want wardrobe
of contentious superlatives,
comparative truth
is a bloodthirsty consensuality.
Sweat equity is living for proof.
Polarization is
an end game imprisonment.
The self-story
is a rationalizing driver.
Audience as an affirmative activity,
generates meaningfulness
as a milling and honing device.
Deep breaths are
a survival mode necessity.
Communication is
a leveraging device,
for apparent friendship
to provide for, either
excuses as a venting
or proof of worth as a means.
Inwardly overhearing oneself
debate undecipherable dreams
that are in contrast
to the superlative life
one imagines for oneself,
is really as endless job
of self involved in a self-scrutiny
that is a never ending
justification job interview . .
much like perfection,
are a myth-full enterprise
of living outside of oneself
by the perceived
collective values of others . . .

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

cherish most (haiku) * 9/26/12

what I cherish most
not memory’s reward, but
this moment’s presence

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fatal errors to isness * 9/25/12

The fatal errors to isness
as a consciousness,
are the popular usages
and over pronounced techniques
of self-consciousness.
Namely, experience itself,
as a primary method 
of self-consciousness
is the major challenge
if isness is a presentable stage
of enlightenment.
These techniques:
being mindfully referential,
the upkeep of sanity,
the presumption of certitude,
any duality perspective,
and the world
of mental equivalency,
all contribute
to a self aware consciousness
that denies deeper emersion
into a quantum sense
of beingness.
All methods of in-time awareness,
as self corrections and grounding,
hamper enlightenment presence.
All of the pronounceable particulars
in deeper emersion,
if there are any
that can be construed
as noteworthy,
are not delineated from the whole.
These features,
integral to essential emptiness
for a transitioning
self-consciousness view,
are the living substance
of means
for this essence emersion.
Where we are as a consciousness,
in the pursuit of character,
we feature a demonstration
of evidential behavioral elements
to be rigorously monitored
and attended,
as our self-consciousness,
a sort of beside our self
but as our self.
While there is another notion
of personal integrity
which features integration
of subtle but dynamic self elements
as the expression and celebration
of the deeper yet already present
but unrevealed,
welling spirit of being.
Isness as enlightenment
has a gaze
full of blessed emptiness
as its apparent focus.
In a quantum perspective,
the notation of any particulars
is out of phase
and dysfunctional
as a focus method.
In a quantum world,
mind retrieval
as self-conscious awareness,
produces celebratory presence
and not a certitude of particulars.
Our current method
of mind retrieval is an overused
and subsequently overrated 
minor participant in consciousness.
As long as reality
is an attempt 
to reverse engineer 
enlightenment as a goal,
isness requires
a retooling of surrender within
and a profound loss of aspects
of self-consciousness
as observational baggage  . . .
Isness is not a collection
of parts to make a whole.
Isness is not part-able.
It is a seamless whole,
all fields within one,
yet undefined
and, in the manifest,
and flourishing . . . 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Caring deeds (haiku) * 9/24/12

these deeds and service
our medium for love shared
convey affection

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Timing * 9/23/12

Timing is a constant,
the way that wet is unto itself.
We, as scavengers, have events,
live for right lighting,
breathe poignancy,
say prayers depiction pronounces,
filling almost all of the time.
Yet timing is a wisdom,
read between the lines,
that literacy cannot improve.
Timing is a pushpin of oneself
that perforates and punctuates
the map of now,
but never pauses to be posing.
Timing, in and of itself,
has no declaration.
It has the dedication of a beehive
and the fervor of an ant colony,
the foot forward that never plants,
yet no greeter, no front door.
Timing is viscous without exception,
honorable without an apparent code,
dignified yet unassuming,
intimate yet ever far reaching,
offering satiable elegance,
while being thoroughly confluent
and yet, a quick death
in our recognition’s spotlight.
Timing is the nothing of an act
but the everything
of the observation.
Timing is as sacred
as the mountaintop 
of most cherished memories
and yet, leaves no relics or signage
as endearment signatures.
Timing has
forth-dimensional camouflage
in its DNA,
breathes with
a tongue lash of lightning
but does not burn,
and has no per se, flame.
It has a universe as its play land.
While we have it on myopic hearsay,
in the way we live in our land
of lost and found.
Timing gives no proof,
has no outstanding warrants,
asks for little or nothing in response,
gifts in the strangest of ways,
comes in, out of the blue,
pronounces itself,
and then, without further ado,
vanishes back into
the lushness of hush. . .
as is,
the splendor of timing.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

embarrassed (haiku) 9/22/12

I know what to say
why should I be feeling this?
outright embarrassed

Friday, September 21, 2012

I see in your eyes * 9/21/12

I see in your eyes
just how fragile you really are
deep, deep within
and it takes my breath away.
I see with what innocence and trust
you venture into the unknown
of each next moment’s enterprise.
So subtle and multi-realmed,
but, for you, inviting
and more so, inevitable.
The embrace is full flush.
Nothing of awareness is held back
or is in search of a conclusion’s reward.
All cells dance as all senses immerse.
Emotions are full face forward
in first person free range of response.
Not to meet up with differences
but to be grateful into the harmonies.
There is no audience, after the fact.
There is no expression
that does not dance of itself.
Fragile implies
no baggage going forward.
Fragile is of the utmost
but without excess,
becoming what is so.
It is with an empathy given
that has no return in mind.
To be all with it
is a surrender of mine,
I see in you.
You are my invitation.
I am helpless to insist otherwise.
So much of what I see
in your eyes,
is a brightness in me,
coming from afar
and yet you confirm,
as it takes my breath away
towards this coming passage.
And the enormity breathes me
into quantum aliveness
as time offers me no resistance,
to be deep, deep, within.
And I see it in your eyes . . .

Thursday, September 20, 2012

rendered writing (haiku) * 9/20/12

your face is the page
your feelings hidden stylus
your heart is author

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just with tears * 9/19/12

Writing, as just with tears,
these flood soaked scripts
dismissed with inadvertent blinks.
Alchemical emotives
are these tearful mix into ink.
These feelings,
never deep well dry
but soulfully evaporate
into spirited sky,
as a message, literacy illegible
yet at once, conveyed.
Delicate prose
so that emotions flow,
heart mentored
into a lip whispered
chauffeured stream,
down the cheeks
as if a scripted page,
with the grace
of gravity providing
become a sacred passage.
Each of us,
as authors at that time,
are that open book . . .

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Unaware (haiku)

self-consciousness is
a wardrobe we wear when we’re
unaware of soul

Monday, September 17, 2012

follow up on regularity (haiku) * 9/17 12

The regularity
that I am referring to,
is not the act out
that we can see. 
I am referring to
the seed path in the brain, 
below and behind
any behavior.
For me, that is the imprint 
as the origin of the manifest
and as the pattern of origin. 
It is in and of itself 
a synaptic pattern
even though the symbology
and eventual evident behavior
will, with props, present
with whatever is
readily reality available.
And therefore that presentation
is not essentially destined
or pre-determined,
to be, what has all become
somewhat habitually familiar. 

the train runs on time.
The tracks are in place.
We, are on the train
but what are we thinking??
And where are we thinking from?
WO, WO! 
What was that sound?
That was the just the train, 
anticipating a crossing ahead.......  

Fragile * 9/17/12

Fragile, is a strength of soul.
It is emerging into this,
our shadowy world,
with no moment of light
more precious
then any other of the rest.
This strength,
as the deep cadence
of sensitive being,
is never disturbed.
Even for all of the bounty
that the art forms of
and show of strength demand,
these delicacies,
woven of soul unity,
silently abide.
As eddies of this,
believed to be fragileness,
they are, in all ways,
in the stream of things,
although not evidenced as obvious,
these, as traits, may appear
as ever so vulnerabilities,
yet still they essentially dance,
minute refinements as entry points,
in the amass of the whole of being.
Our flow enunciates
as a pronouncement of us,
yet none of these
as fragile particulars
need appear to be justified.
All motion is genuinely respectful
to the fluidity of this cause,
as when fragileness
grandly does appear:
as when avalanche honors gravity,
tsunami bows with waves,
conception offers
an inadvertent spark
of divine intimacy,
and with each breath,
we, as Clydesdales, of human form,
initiates motion,
from simple throb
to arduous trek,
from unconscious inhalation
to breath mastery
into other planes,
this fragileness implores
beneath and behind the obvious.
Secrets, our fragileness
as secrets, only live
in the privacy land
of our self-isolation.
These aspects of us
are defined like noise.
Where by the tern, noise,
is like an eyesore
only because
we name it as such
and honor our ignorance
as masterful.
From secrets to noise,
this is a shattered world
by description,
but not by these
essential fragile means.
We have made ourselves
self-relevant bystanders
in temporal self-involved dares.
We are on a stage we claim
as audience to us,
but there is no truth
to this to share.
Audience is a degradational 
yet we live in its usage..
It represents an imbalance
of human perspective.
In our heart of hearts,
there is no such thing
as practice
or performance either.
All things are but one
and united as such.
We, as the pride
of self-consciousness,
live conundrum lives
in these faceted worlds.
Yet for that
which is labeled as fragile,
but is, as a strength of soul,
our ultimate emergence
is to become one
with this, our truly
fragile world . . .

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Regularity (haiku) * 9/16/12


inescapable patterns

that will define you

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Missing * 9/15/12

You are only missing me

in the old ways.

I am only a richer expansion

of the expression of you

to your own eyes.

You are just not that familiar

with yourself that way yet,

and therefore, you call it me.

Where that is in you,

there is a oneness resource.

All we have done,

you and I,

is to expand our fields

to a subtler level

to include a greater sense

of self shared

but we are still ourselves

in that oneness sense.

We each inwardly tap

and we are there.

You are blessed to be you

and you bless yourself

by being you,

and you bless me

by sharing

from that source within.

In that way,

we are not ever

missing the other. . .

Friday, September 14, 2012

Intelligence (haiku) * 9/14/12

how intelligence

seeks to express the whole brain:

unrestrained laughter

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The raw rah * 9/13/12

The raw rah of passion

breathes in,

a yet rarified air.

Your skullcap

of self-restraint

begins to absolve,

resolve, dissolve.

That you bit my back hard

is a bootstrap expression

of a false groundedness,

but for now,

you are unbuckled.

Fury, with its own voice,

works its way through you,

imbibed within

your inner writhing.

At first glance,

you appear,

as the look of madness.

But that face of you,

which was previously in

some soft form of stone

is becoming a lucidity,

feverish, and flash dancing.

Soon to arrive,

if your transformation

is to be keyed,

is the full blush

of a blessing presence . . .

into the raw rah of passion,

as the complete flush

of you, beauteously,

into a primal time,

before forever . . .

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Heart-speak (haiku) * 9/12/12

feelings are heart-speak

all cells receive this first hand

as embodied heart

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mission: mission within * 9/11/12

They, as commandos,


though as a group,


took off their military boots

to deftly skulk through

a watercolor swamp

of consciousness

yet commanded by deeds

to then so secretly leave a trail

of colorful footprint tears

in future dry lakebed dreams

for each of them,

many years later

to personally readdress

the moral anomalies

encountered back then

and now,

so privately conquer.