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Friday, August 31, 2012

Neurocardiology (haiku) * 8/31/12

feelings are heart-speak


heart and brain converse

Thursday, August 30, 2012

In your presence * 8/30/12

So often

I am drowning

in the presence of you.

Gulping lung-fills

of your liquidity

and not knowing it

until I sink

to the rock bottom

of my being

and then I realize

that I have left

that submerged environment

and am now

buoyantly breathing in

the light of you . . .

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

memories (haiku) 8/29/12

the house now empty

impossible to believe

we shared a lifetime

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

discipline * 8/28/12

No real discipline

actually comes from

acts of will.

With will power,

respectfully aside,

all true discipline

is living inspiration,

essentially living anew

without retention

as its means

for keeping it in frame.

Going forward

should not be

dependent upon

the production

of further evidence

as a reality momentum

would prescribe.

True, discipline

appears to be

the wardrobe

to be worn,

but anyone

who is truly inspired,


they are ingeniously nude

inside those clothes . . .

Monday, August 27, 2012

earshot (haiku) 8/27/12

hear another’s chest

close up with intimate sounds

coming in earshot

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Superlatives * 8/26/12

Superlatives, thought or spoken,

make demands

in exercising the work

of comparative truths.

Experience itself,

as the work yard,

is this inadvertent audience

to that popularized cause.

Superlatives have

an usher like quality of task.

They do the reframe,

with reverence to memory,

but with a posting of value

much like ceremonious photos do

to commemorate an event.

And then there becomes

a keepsake place in the mind

of a custodial nature,

sort of like a museum

where all the other superlatives

are also kept.

If well maintained,

they are thought of

and possibly spoken of

on a somewhat regular basis.

Sometimes, they are traded in,

like leased perspectives,

for upgrades that features

the latest and the greatest

in the superior advancement

of superlative technology itself.

Superlative aficionados

have a station in life,

even as consuming as it is.

It does have a quality

of high maintenance to it,

and it does require some fuss

if well maintained.

Here’s to wishing you

“All the best”,

if that is your station,

otherwise, have an interesting,

unique and inspiring

non-comparative journey

as, living the isness, alive . . .

Saturday, August 25, 2012

the compliment (haiku) * 8/25/12

hearing compliments

the backside of rose petals

expect not to see

Friday, August 24, 2012

This sigh * 8/24/12

This sigh,

maybe even one of your sighs,

as this sigh,

is a complete orchestra

of your being

readied, raring of it own

and consummately attentive.

Communing but together,

your conscious and your un,

to vocalize a breathy display,

an extended one-note piece,

up to crescendo then climax,

from compacted to complete,

that embodies

an illustrious multi-realm work.

This sigh,

lifetimes of cumulated comprehension

and complexity in the making . . .

the uncommonness

of a breath pirouette

in the otherwise

cadent breath-paced row

across the airflow bay

of this, just another

otherwise normal

unnoticed shallow breathing day . . .

Thursday, August 23, 2012

the body (haiku) * 8/23/12

body does wear down

slowed yet always surprising

loss, so alarming

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When we common * 8/22/12

When we common our field,

say from emotional origin,

our lives, for now,

are in a etheric fluid shared way.

What I bring, what you bring,

reflected upon each other,

as a wardrobe of soma sensations.

Feelings are received

by subtle flood immersion,

as the fields of expansion embrace.

First person, fresh eyes imbibe.

Open hearts to absorb from within.

Embodiment completing the other.

I am full, without questions

or an otherwise response.

I sense you, as the same.

Either of us,

may initiate spectral exchange

concealed as an expression of care.

The other to receive

in the full field manifest.

As the coupled auric ovum grows,

other dimensions are added;

intuitive as a shared glow

from the communion

of invisible lightnings,

psychical, as a deep pool

of subtle shared currents

that soothe yet are informing,

inspirationals, as horizon-additions

of light-mindedness

brought forth into frame,

and spiritual,

as an essence reveler

deep within the other,

and then gift-reflected in return.

All physical is celebrative encores.

All mental is reverence and patience

that weaves its way

into what satiates as so.

And all that is emotion,

is gratefully streamed and engaged.

I leave here now from words

which have become

as a secondary courtesy language.

What emits

as the field of us

broadcast yet unspoken,

bathes us in a multiplex

from within and beyond

what is verbally pronounceable

as we continue to common

in our field into oneness . . .

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

adrenal shock (haiku) * 8/21/12

a shock to my eyes

when camouflaged animal

suddenly appears

Monday, August 20, 2012

Popularity * 8/20/12

Popularity faces the ass-end

of where we are eventually going.

If you want to face the ascend,

then be at the cutting edge

of the up rising,

and not consensus end

of the dumb down.

Loads shift,

yet much like avalanches,

it all happen in small ways

quite constantly but unnoticed

until the mass of it

is in a movement

unto itself, then evident

to all others . . .

Popularity is the last to know

where we are eventually going.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

sneeze (haiku) 8/19/12

right there in your nose

that inkling tingle feeling

just before you sneeze

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quantum source-point * 8/18/12

Quantum source-point:

Orgasmic, without sensate audience.

Climactic, without event constraints.

Being, as fluid ambient broadcast.

Bountiful, without boundary impedance.

Generative, as living coherent means.

Conscious, as a oneness tenured cause.

Presence channels as intimate embrace.

Cellular dancing with intrinsic delight.

Quantum source-point, coming home . . .

Friday, August 17, 2012

I ask (haiku) * 8/17/12

when mood is somber

and fear is strongly present

how do I ask you

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The problem with simultaneity * 8/16/12

No one is ever there

when simultaneity actually happens.

Any business worth noticing

then reporting,

is in the imminently recent past

as close by as to be merely hearsay.

All these notice skills are based on

almost bystander witness status.

Being alert with linear mindedness

almost precludes actual participation.

Consciousness, given to account

cannot substantiate

except to replicate.

However, bilingual or bi-locational

will not do.

Multitasking, though similar,

is really, not the same.

Real simultaneity is beyond

the training we get

from the school of experience

as a consciousness style.

Language has a strong arm against it.

For language gets hired on

almost as a huckster or a shill

in working towards its denial.

Even if simultaneity naturally occurs

in a language way,

one would be a suspect of them self

to acknowledge

or should I say admit

that such things as simultaneity

do, did or, in the midst,

could exist.

When shared,

it is as if we have been played,

for when coincidence occurs.

We can make for rich confirmation

with coincidence,

once it has been revisited

as a shared experience.

But simultaneity,

without the backing

of an in-time account

and the subsequent banter,

is completely dismissible.

Oh sure, we made a space

in language for

parallels, tandems, concurrents

and the reflux of deja vous.

For certain,

on the inner awareness screen,

self-schizophrenia as a process,

lives a secret life.

There is apprehension

to any of the aforementioned

coming out in spoken words,

for that would be

a betrayal of being.

But yet, simultaneity,

as unreported, happens.

These in-sync occurrences

bleed through, in spite

of the body guards

at the self-recognition door.

Presence leaves some after-affects.

Short-term memory quips

are heard murmuring close by.

“Did that just happen?”

is posted as a self question,

possibly overheard

by others near by.

Coincidence is

in the same gene pool

as simultaneity.

Speaking in tongues

is recollected

as a functional rumor.

Quirks, flukes and luck

have all been inferred,

but not really appointed

as significant or substantial.

Simultaneity, at this point

is but a quantum yawn

at the start of a yawn contagion.

This is a sort of refresher course

in oneness arriving.

The empathy gene is gaining

public consensual status.

People start to channel

their higher self

without permission or self-restraint.

What is this world coming to

or where is it coming from?

Communication is migrating

into conveyance.

Intention becomes a friendship bond.

Self-love shared

becomes a deep-well concept

of being.

Simultaneity is still a stealth endeavor.


there is still the door excuse

at the internal knock!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Light (haiku) * 8/15/12

light’s the medium

being, delivery means

but soul, the true source . . .

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The gut check on reality’s fix * 8/14/12

Start with:

The familiar footbridge

of next thoughts coming.


The internal handholding

from feelings fully forming.


The visual lineouts, crossed off,

heading down this moment’s list.


The cuing of details,

reading them mindfully in a murmur

one after another.


The haunting of internal quips,

reciting the past

as single word taunts and failures.


The forming of a mindset,

meeting these next tasks

coming to your face.


The surge of a self-sense,

closing in on what’s doable.


The sensory joy of your movement,

as you’re set into action.


Hearing your own speech,

as laying out your claims.


The campfire building

from shared conversation.


How these immediacies

wipe away that face of boredom.


The percolation of heartfelt,

shared as if a coffee break.


The animation of being,

as the day is now a buzzing.


And so it goes . . .

The gut check on reality’s fix . . .

Redone with revolving regularity

throughout your day . . .

Check. And check.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Here we are (haiku) * 8/13/12

often we gather

clearly, when spirit comes forth

we rejoice as life

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The oneness question revisited * 8/12/12

One with everything,

forever and ever, and always,

is that it?

“Is that it”, is,

the least qualified search party

to send out on this questioning quest.

“Is that it”, as an occupancy,

would have to undergo

a paradoxical transformation

as its preliminary initiation

of this momentous process

as if it were an in-time ongoing-ness.

“Is that it’ would have to dissolve

of itself and unto itself

until whatever was the question,

whatever was the goal,

whatever was the need for return

to an understanding had ceased

and all of that,

that is of constituency,

had by natural cause,

refined and integrated

into a wholeness fabric

with no separation as its existence,

no recall or return,

no impetus to seek or sustain,

no identity of concept or being,

and certainly no measure in time

or with time,

nor with any sense of space

or declaration to occupy.

“Everything”, as of the question,

would have no dimensional sense

to partake in.

“Forever and always,”

as implied in the question,

are and were just curse word concepts

belittling with

human self-consciousness imposition

as distraction

by having the status of

reverent, relevant and consuming.

“Is that it”, entered the questioning pool

as if it were a rock

seeking depth-groundedness

and essential-source,

only to dissolve-evolve into this pool

as the medium itself,

fluid as essence, and being that

beyond differentiation,

muted and void to respond,

octaves of in-depth surroundings,

without reduction to return

into a lesser awareness medium.

The it of no it,

is not separate from it

but through and throughout,

without interruption in any way

to the nature, the nurture

and the presence

evoked by and from

the question itself.

Once as again:

Say it, without meaning,

without hurl or the sourcefulness

to stand as separate and hurl.

Say it, with a meaningless

voluminous empty-fullness,

senselessly absolute

and comprehensively unto itself,

complete . . .

“One with everything,

forever and ever,


as always is all ways. . .”

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The oneness question * 8/11/12

One with everything,

forever and ever, and always,

is that it?

to answer that question:

if you left language,

as if it were litter dust

from the use of a concept

linearly called out in time,

if in your brain

you no more laid down tracks

to cope with this pervasive technique

called understanding,

if from the impact

of the hobby of experience

consummately repeated 24/7

over many years

yet not overwhelmed by it,

your consciousness

was not something you came to

but came through you,

so much so,

that this riddle of self-consciousness,

as a traumatic state of ongoing-ness

was no more the koan of being,

then, upon arising

from the wastelands of commonality,

from the refuse of comprehension,

from the sensory idolatry of definitiveness,

oneness could be claimed.

Yet that very act of itself,

the claiming of oneness

would be an expositional denial

in contrast and conflict

to its very existence.

For there is no audience,

no means of awareness

that is not totally dedicated

and immersed in the oneness

as dance.

For from within the dance itself,

there is no poignancy

to a self aggrandizing method

that portrays as a reference

outside of the ongoing of now.

There is no embrace

that is not but complete surrender

into and of the whole.

There is no extracted method

called claim, in service.

There is no time to forever.

Language is a life jacket

not a savior in and of source.

All cells know of all matter.

Beyond our sensory dwell,

in the depth of prominence of antimatter

there is a now

without observation, tending, or deeds.

Oneness, as a word,

belies a mite of a concept

that lives on and in the human brain.

It is its own courageous breath

to leap out of the being

and the self (as) consciousness,

to be by no means of know-ability,

all of everywhere coalescing,

with no existence

of commingling with all things.

As with nothing,

everything is also undifferentiated

and dynamically so

without forward, future, impress,

or conclusion as the seat or source

of consciousness as existence . . .