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Monday, April 30, 2012

Satisside (haiku) * 4/30/12

new term: sa-tis-side

meaning: being convenienced

to death, on your own

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pattern perception * 4/29 12

When the process

of pattern perception

is working towards recognition

and recognition as a result

is not immediately achieved,

the mind is more in the pursuit

of a deeper inquiry rather than

holding constant, its conclusion.

It is a richer place

of mindful sophistication

for the mind to be searching

than it is to be holding firm

to a declarable answer.

The engagement of search

is more tizzy immersive

than being bland custodial

with a now, stored answer.

Inquisitiveness recruits

more brain activity

then memory retention

waiting to blurt forth.

So the curious end

of pattern perception

as pursuit is inviting

while the results end

soon becomes boring

and waiting to be stated.

Search is a way

of open ended permission

while seizure is then

a means of custodial upkeep

and preparing a defense

for the claimed results.

Appreciate the search

in and of itself delicious

before expectation binds you

with the hands and posture

of posing with results . . .

Saturday, April 28, 2012

screeches (haiku) 4/28/12

waking to screeches

below your bedroom window

cats in a dogfight

Friday, April 27, 2012

People who have * 4/27/12

People who have lived their dream

so that others embrace the possibility.

People who have shared a cause

to canopy for others to come forth.

People who have past it forward

so that others rekindle the giving process.

People who have successfully failed

so that others will demystify their goals.

People who have no god but kindness

so that others respond with empathy.

People who have lived a crazy wisdom

so that others create their life from within.

People who have energetic kinship ties

so that others risk a deeper feel for spirit.

People who have tinkered

to find for others, a deeper means.

People who have exhibited courage

so that others believe in themselves.

People who have shared their dying

so that others more richly live their lives.

People who have benefited from traumas

so that others see method to their madness.

People who have trusted their process

so that others see themselves to it.

These are people,

who have . . .

Thursday, April 26, 2012

roasted (haiku) 4/26/12

with conversation,

some busy handwork needed,

peanuts in the shell

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where is language now * 4/25/12

In a world of language,

all nouns have a bounty on them

and live in the past,

while all verbs

invite me to whimsy as journey.

My hope upon us meeting

is that I don’t take from you,

any understanding.

For understanding maybe custodial

and lacks the intimacy of trust

that I would yearn for from within.

May your words not be instructions,

but more so,

inviting edges of immersions,

emissaries, as it were,

slightly adjunct

to the interface of our auras.

May the harmonics of our beings

find a means into our sensory range.

And provide for us,

expansions as a permissions

for our now to express

through the oneness of us.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

retentive mind (haiku) * 4/24/12

with retentive mind

spoken heard, becomes clich├ęs

eventually . . .

Monday, April 23, 2012

life * 4/23/12

Life is lived

between the snapshots

from conclusions

and beyond recognition’s claims

from expectations.

In that way,

life doesn’t press

for acknowledgment,

has a buoyancy of worth,

channels the spirit

without management,

comes up for reality air

then dives back

into the unknown

as if to swim

a visionary kelp bed

just off the coast

of sensibility.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

resting place (haiku) 4/22/12

much loved resting place

filled with night blooming jasmine

fragrance beckons dreams

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The myth of efforting * 4/21/12

The myth of efforting

(as this may be an effort to read!)

We all have been solicited by a phrase

like, “Put some effort into it.” It is such

a safe remark as a character promoter.

But efforting is actually dangerous and

for some, a deadly means of action. If

we looked at efforting as a process

without specific regard to the task

per se but as the means used to

accomplish this, “efforting” as in its

thought forms, its emotional input,

its mental constructs, and its physical

means, efforting, besides the apparent

displays and eventual external results,

has many internal consequences and

invokes certain hidden means used to

accomplish these external goals that

leave internal results to the contrary

of what displays to the world. Much

of efforting is reinforced by will as the

shear force of intention and

determination. What makes up those

particular components in their

concentrated forms can be

compositions of reactions,

restimulations, anger, varied forms

of emotional displacements,

constrictions or compressions of being

to produce that effort, venting of

undeclared withheldness, etc. all of

these descriptives arise from a

mindfulness of previous conclusions

and judgments that have registered

and remain unresolved somewhere

within. That pent-up-ness can be

poured into efforting in almost

unknowable ways almost as a form of

negative but self-identifying grounding.

We are all trained to some degree in

the nuisances of this and have used it

to accomplish much of what we do that

lacks passion and compelling desire to

make it so. For some people this, as a

lifestyle of habits, is below the horizon

of being noticed as such. And by its

habitual nature, proceeds to dwell

deeper into a person at the chemical

and electrical levels within them.

Their nervous systems are rigorously

enrolled, their chemistries are at

after-affect, and sometimes disease

can result without the slightest

connection being made to how they do

what they do as it contradicts them

internally but produces favorable

results in the world for others and

themselves. Efforting can take the past,

in the form of memories held as

judgments traumatic and otherwise,

and certainly as strong conclusions,

make observations of the present be

this preoccupation, and determine an

expectation set for the future and do

whatever is necessary in the now to

either avoid what happened then or

reproduce what happened then by

means of effort in the forms of

influence and control as well as action

that can fill the present with

preoccupations and very little of the

natural process of presence in the now.

Stress is a byproduct of this style but

we all claim that it is hard to avoid and

that it really exists as a given, not

knowing the depth or thoroughness of

its impact internally upon any of us

specifically. Some wear it well, some

endure and survive, and some succumb

to these unknowns in wear down wear

out ways. Many have emotional anger

or mental principledness redirected

into their method of efforting and never

see it surface to declare it in any other

way. It has become a way of life and a

suitable means for channeling it, it

seems. For it is hard to display

otherwise and more difficult to dissect

in such a conscious way as to rewire

the means so that it is not harmful to

one’s self. How we do what we do is

hardly identifiable by others who truly

benefit from the positive results they

receive. And so, each person within

their effort, has to self study and

discover if how they do what they do

truly evolves them in doing it in the

first place and certainly by those

efforting means. The basic notions

of proving your worth, sometimes

compelled by hidden low self-esteem,

as a lifetime effort or needing to merit

your life by earning it over assumed

social disapproval, are two formidable

perspectives that sanction efforting as

acceptable and are clueless to see it

otherwise. We are event driven and a

measured people and efforting seems

to be quite the necessity to accomplish

those types of goals and that sense of

upstandingness. All of this is what

humans have come to do so readily,

unto themselves and be at the private

nagging affect and suffer the

consequences without making an

association between goal and means

where by the carriage of the moment is

in the moment and not justified by the

end results so frozen as valued in time.

Our entire life is one unfolding tea

ceremony. Efforting is not a technique

that we would use towards that

procession. We fail to appreciate or

revel in the available means at our

disposal to accomplish that celebrative

journey. We are generally not the

wisdom of sentience in passage. We

are easily seduced and trained to be

fact junkies and frame junkies and for

the most part, experience intake

junkies and duly accountable as such.

Efforting, when noticed should reveal

itself as a red flag within our lifestyle.

It seems baffling without

contemplation of one’s own process.

And at some point in that process of

awareness, it becomes compelling as

a concern. And the question arises.

How to be present as a being and be

expressing oneself from where within

where it all comes from and how to

allow the passion of your spirit to find

expression as your life, given freely

and shared accordingly as in the

coming of oneness as a consciousness

through all of these diversified people

means. Thus to embrace the myth of

efforting from within . . .

Friday, April 20, 2012

relief (haiku) 4/20/12

in from stinging cold

to face oppressive hot air

and breathe as relief

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time sensitive * 4/19/12

Time is a sliver

in the palm of the hand,

working the now.

Time is an array

of still shot skills

advanced into

a movie making world.

Time is a set of rules

for the observation of solids

in a flash flood-to-ocean display.

Time is the formalism

of speech

in a colloquial setting’s

verbal exchange.

Time is a benchmark

observed by many

and not the carved initials

seen as sacred to a few.

Time is migratory routes

expected with seasons

and not the first real spontaneous

snowstorm of the year.

Time is holiday driven enterprise

and not the first

wake up thought of the day.

Time is a big brother concept,

as a false notion of unity,

some what like trainer wheels

on an unnamed vehicle

driving our lives..

Time is a belly flop

into the pooling of now.

Time is dollars and cents

that do not cash out

as good will.

Time is a prenuptial agreement

before the engagement to now.

Time is an artificial insemination

into the mind of responsibility.

Time is the incurable common cold

faced with linearity

as a Kleenex solution.

Time is equipping

the next moment’s start gun

with a megaphone as a silencer.

Time is reaching,

when a stretch move would do.

And lastly,

time is a false progeny view,

when really, we are all

that looking glass

and also looking through.

NOTE: if you will check youtube

under "junahsowojayboda"

you will find that this poem

also exists as a video.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

relaxation (haiku) 4/18/12

taking off your shoes

after a long day’s journey,

relaxation comes

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

our condition of truth 4/17/12

Our condition of truth,

is media cajoled

by the nose-ring of curiosity

posing as interest.

By this method,

we are occasionally

grazing on experiences,

somewhat taking nourishment

somehow not knowing

how or why.

We are somewhat pulled forward

by a myriad of emotional pangs,

all of which eventually will recede.

By then

the momentum of falling forward

has new apprehensive pangs

and their waggle of say.

Looking back, weeks,

years or decades later,

huge gaps

of senseless pursuit appear.

Inquiry is eventually chewed

into a bland of absent-mindedness.

Unconsciously drawn and driven,

in that false alarm light,

are indistinguishable urges.

There is nothing

that essentially matters,

for the stand alone

highlights of themselves.

Self-consciousness will coalesce,

yet it is inwardly moving forward.

Our thought-form hands are filled

with contentious controversial heaps

yet dripping with meaningful

and meaningless,

as if to feed

the pangs of our emptiness.

We find from that diet

of palpable passivity

that grips us

as the consensual world.

Only when we find ourselves

from behind these positions

and apparent circumstances,

do we truly get to

authentically personally confirm

our condition of truth.

Then, the light of our being

goes through us

and through others around us


There is such shared revelation,

as much as dust in the air

becomes confetti of the heart,

and the collective light

does come

as if kindred souls awake.

And it goes through us

and yet there may be

no apparent ignition.

But there is light from within.

And this light from within

does reveal, our condition of truth.

Movement from within

our spirits realized,

in this apparent stillness

that each of us possess,

is really

and richly so,

our condition of truth . . .

Monday, April 16, 2012

recognize a friend (haiku) 4/16/12

recognize a friend

hidden around the corner?

shadow . . . silhouette

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Love versus love * 4/15/12

The “romance” card house,

placed on the table of time


the “in love’ motherboard,

embedded in one’s brain.

Is this a remake

of “the hare and the tortoise”?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

recognition (haiku) 4/14/12

right before your eyes

a camouflaged animal

you note with surprise!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The mind is all sky * 4/13/12

To train the mind,

using elusive schemes

to escape the method in place

as dictated by conscious habit,

is to transcend the daily rituals

and the general manipulation

of familiar props

to divine the now

with a full presence

unencumbered by expectations

or by previous remembered


or by recognition as proof

or by secured theme as story line

or by any momentum

of dumb down happening.

Self-consciousness, in general,

Has been the back seat driver

with entitlement intent.

All of this as history to now

is an experience echo,

but never in the immediate now

yet closely associated with it.

Most of our current think is really

a paparazzi of consciousness

forever chasing after

and hounding the eminent now,

as if it is a celebrity a new.

Where our think is immersion,

answers are only rescue ring buoys

as realities tossed our way.

It all happens before

inner speak coronates it.

Most of the time,

we sit in the bleachers

of ourselves,

post confetti and streamers

if it’s good,

or holding

wrench folded program

of expectations

gone sadly bad.

With conclusions drawn,

it is now on

to the next text event

of our lives

however large, small,

interior or grand.

This leaves us

a fast diffusing account

of present moments as past,

dumbfounding but justified.

If anyone has found a way

to escape this riddle

of conscious existence

and displays accordingly,

a crisp vital presence of being,

we glom on to them to stop

and pray tell,

how do you do that!

Which, of course,

ends the flow

as it now was, in most cases.

Each person’s ritual into the now

is a sacred self-secret

of their private internal

motherboard process,

anchored in soul

and expressed as heart.

Sharing the broadcast

of the harmonics of that

provides a safe environment

for others to leap also

as if the premise is:

You don’t fly

because you don’t have wings,

but you need to leap

to grow wings

and then fly!

The mind is all sky . . .

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rogue wave (haiku) 4/12/12

a rogue ocean wave

look, churned up the sandy beach

past where you sit wet!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A sudden burst * 4/11/12

A sudden nano-burst

of steeped tranquility,

and I have not moved,

even one thought over.

I am hardly a new breath,

still in the awareness echo

of the last heartbeat.

Notice of itself,

without the masquerade

of particulars

is panting in the haste

towards arriving.

Transition’s twitch-means

has not signaled yet

towards lifting a limb.

It’s other-worldliness

that comes as a flood, a calling.

I am quick

with my inner eyes,

but no nametags appear.

The cue of presentability

in me, is leaderless,

no gestures for portrayal,

not even time

for alert to the troops

of summary as assistance

or a fix of posture

or a self-conscious decree

for presence to bloom

front and center.

Can’t pull a topic up

or even launch

a tongue with lips

towards words alert.

All the mental synapses,

miles and miles

of these nerves,

are even now

still in fire lines,

caught passing buckets

of same-ole same-ole

napping slosh along.

It is a sudden burst

of steeped tranquility.

And it has taken me

into simultaneity,

to a receiver mind,

maybe heartfelt,

outside of time

that is shrouded by

feeling’s pheromones.

It has taken me beyond

the heart of the matter,

beyond the need

for designation in action.

It is a sudden burst

of steeped tranquility,

and with this rush,

my soul has ever so

invisibly sparked

an impetuous smile

coming upon me . . .