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Monday, February 28, 2011

Experience is outcome

Experience is

essentially outcome.

Experience is

mostly sensory input

harnessed into

apparently fluid passages

but in nanosecond terms,


the imminent and prominent

recent past.

Experiential accountability

is top heavy

towards contextually

symbolic storylines.

This is reality as tidbits

that are

simultaneously concurrent

with being.

So much of being is not

superficially representational

as feedback.

So much of the fullness

of now

is also not acknowledged

as relevant.

The impress of repetition

that fundamentally occurs

at very deep levels

as the basis of oneness

is un-objectifiable.

The constancy

of this ordered chaos

is a oneness

without symbolic intervention.

Essence is non-reducible

to material or fact

in a casual stasis referral way.

Whatever the vehicles

for the mind

as artifacts of experience,

all are temporal

from within.

The reductionism

towards physicality

and temporality

as representational

is a current myth-form

of identification and recognition.

It only serves as a methodology

of self-atrophy

into a deeper mindfulness

of surrender being manifest

as consciousness.

There is always the duality

of the being

presenting a consciousness

and the doing

demonstrating action.

That we are

a subdued self-consciousness

laboring as limited

personal radiance of being

is an observational conveyance

limited by

experientially operative styles.

Experience as frame

seems to impose the fetish

of foreground symbol prominence

and the addiction of audience

upon us all.

We invest in reaction

and response.

We give stature to identification

as our primary means

yet we create

a mental equivalent version

within us

to appear and feel like

we are in control.

The most current

and popular forms of experience

are actually examples

of experiences

with training wheels

on life’s journey.

This is

a minimum lift/maximum drag,

walking upstream against resistance

form of an experience style.

It features

a consensual reductionism

as an optimal lifestyle

in a fright deliverance model

for living.

Experience is both a provider

and an enabler

but most of all,

experience is only first outcome . . .

Sunday, February 27, 2011

curious jar (haiku)

a tall dark glass jar

pried open for inspection

fumes black licorice

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The toast of unconditional love

A toast;

To that degree

of unconditional love

where all of experience

is only celebration of being.

To that refinement

of unconditional love

where only sincerity’s intent

is lighted into entertainment.

To the fullness

of unconditional love

where freedom to experience

is only secondary entertainment.

To that acceptance

of unconditional love

where only every moment’s secret

is as unraveling entertainment.

To that presence

of unconditional love

where the essence of experience

is an outpouring

of celebration as entertainment,

and the experience

of unconditional love,

as report,

being the last

in each of us to know,

for the surrender

to unconditional love

features: degree,

refinement, fullness,

acceptance, and presence,

for the experience

of surrender

to be the ongoing toast,

the trust in the now . . .

Friday, February 25, 2011

can’t let go (haiku)

maybe I'm selfish

to want people to live on

I just can't let go

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Premise: part 7 of 7

Part 7

I want to say

that the re-experience

of any trauma is complete

when, in the journey,

fully through

what was kept concealed

and even hidden from oneself,

this undisclosed

and deeply dynamic

energetic spirit,

becomes fully realized,

in the wholeness of spirit

being radiantly

pouring forth

as consciously present.

It is as if

what previously would set off

or signal a traumatic shut down

from this wholeness of being

because of the elements

of shame or guilt

or attachment or judgment,

now does not happen,

but in contrast,

the reverse happens

from the same elements

expressing towards the light.

There is no traumatic diversion

of life force.

The wholeness of spirit

is in tact

in the life procession.

That these marked

and memorable events,

when re-stimulated

and then re-experienced,

in point of fact

now provide for

a dynamic alternative to occur

within the experience realm

which completely re-embraces

the whole of being

and fosters a dynamic

that sources itself before

the essential damaged state

the self had incurred

and had subsequently

dwelled within as post trauma

up to now.

This dynamic, in the now,

becomes a releasing means

to further transcend

the environment of self-wrath

by providing fervor and focus

beyond the apparent smallness

of ongoing circumstance

as if the obstacles themselves

become true guiding elements

in the evolutionary consciousness

of that soul.

There is the metamorphosis,

the shift of energetic priorities

from temporal rational honesty

to emanative outpouring truth.

This is the promise

of the premise . . .

All the dynamics of being

eventually serve

the highest cause of spirit

into the full embrace

and broadcast of the light

from within, eventually

coming forth grandly.

This is the deliverance,

as the premise

reveals itself

to all souls

newly adventuring

into the sharing

of the oneness.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Calm myself (haiku)

I share memories

from people who know the past

to calm myself down

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The premise 6 of 7

Part 6

This is an altering

of the representation

of our destiny

where free will and choice

are understood

for their accessorizing

and representational worth

as resulting states of experience

in the pursuit

of the ever drawn-ness

of each being’s consciousness

embracing spirit.

This is the energizing

of our personal sense of self

by the re-awakening of passion,

creativity and open-ended permission

for spirit-lead sensibilities

to manifest

so that experiencing one’s soul

is not a lifestyle of denial

nor a labor of decisions

nor a method of application

nor a comparative truth journey

concocted out of limitations.

But it is instead,

the compete death of time

in each breath

and the complete embrace,

as if the inhale of being.

It is the end

of the under-dimensionalized

labored account

of one’s life-experiences,

momentously falling forward

in a consensual self-projection.

It is so much so inevitable,

that the integrity of spirit

becomes the expression

of that spirit radiance

ever broadcasted from within.

Monday, February 21, 2011

cycle ware (haiku)

slick look, tight fitting

fine leather-ware, smelling good

bike ride with the buds

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The premise 5 of 7

Part 5

The unraveling

of the causal metaphor

associated with blame or guilt

is a compressing agent,

like self-judgment,

that now is apparently

revealed as to its hidden source

and available to be

set free from.

A different context in reframe,

is operationally shown

to reflect how the flow works

more efficiently

then the resistance method

ever could.

In the clearer realization

of the essential spirit,

the convoluted representation

of un-decipherable spirit

is both blessed and cursed

by the present personality

representing it

and eventually this personality

will not be sustained,

but diminish by the lack

of continued usage,

giving way to an inner creativity,

reframing and gaining

new witness and perspectives.

This combination,

of discovery and reframe,

with the direct re-participation

into that pain-filled process

with the blocks themselves,

will provide a demystification

operationally ongoing.

This means offers the emergence

of energetic expressions

that the inner self can embrace

and the outer self can acquire

and then be manifested

directly from each being’s presence.

It is an unblocking

of what would naturally occur

without the trauma circuit in place.

All of this could pass

in a moment

with the self-administration

of the right techniques

regularly available.

The reworking the Karmic Blueprint

by re-fabricing

this conscious awareness

is to include the whole

of transformation’s goal

of conscious spiritual destiny,

be it of tribal, family, bloodlines,

collective unconscious,

and direct spiritual lineage.

And that goal

is to arise out of small,

dense darkness of trauma

and to re-invest

in flow-wholeness of spirit.

That wholeness of spirit,

is for everyone,

connected to all of these aspects

as through the essential aliveness

inherent in each of them.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

can be (haiku)

at these last stages

for short meaningful moments

is all that can be

Friday, February 18, 2011

The premise 4 of 7

part 4

That which is recognized

as signaling pain

or the expectation of pain

and consequently is a

restricted patterning

of the energy flows

towards a re-enactment

of the trauma as bundled,

holds the tension of it all

as if it were un-resolvable.

It appears to be impenetrable

yet not ultimately dismissible.

It may be poignantly positional

for the riddle of self karma

unique to each person’s life.

This false sense of compacted-ness

is substantiated into blocked flow.

It is detail by energetic absence

until the bundle

previously held as trauma

is released from its resistance

or the tension around it held

almost as undisclosed patterning.

It is where now begins

to dynamically function

structurally as a sentinel

to an area of being

that is highly dedicated

to integrative participation

towards an expanse

as expression of being.

If by then, there is

a declared method

of atrophy to discontinue

in the guardedness

or protection mode.

And by making

that subtle distinction

and subsequent shift

internally and consciously,

what was the curse,

protecting against

the repetition

of feared events,

now becomes the work

of the blessing

of an intentional ambient flow

in the dynamic restructure

of that being living onward,

towards wellness,


and integratively so.