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Monday, January 31, 2011

Soul’s kin

Experience smugly grabs

the hand mirror of time,

draws it to itself . . .

to see, in all honesty,

self-consciousness at its best!

But on the very rarest

of occasions,

seeing is really looking through

to see who is

the possessor of this view.

Who, in all

that self-consciousness is,

is doing the looking out to see

and that would be the who

who sees through itself to see.

For all these efforts at seeing,

to see beyond what sight offers

beyond those participatory elements

in postured forms and manner,

to see re-splendidly

even beyond the seat of inquiry

and quite there,

to see a residence

that breaks the frame

into the mirror of now.

Much like the melting

of a humanity mountain of snow,

the reflection in this now,

falls short of evidence

from vision's focused flame.

Yet breath resides close,

along at journey’s hand,

for comforting

to these experiential means,

is a soul’s kin.

Shed bare from the elements

of conscious needs and deeds

is this soul’s kin.

It is love's oneness

in a constant pouring

from within that mountain,

oh so sweet and subtle,

pouring out of each of us

and thus pouring through . . .

Sunday, January 30, 2011

with dignity (haiku)

to see someone close

know well, with courage, let go

pass with dignity

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am, in spite of myself,

a forthcoming.

I am the radiance

no matter the overwhelm

and the outlandishness

of the wardrobe

of contradiction

as resistance.

However shiny

the representations

of distractions appear,

however deep

the rationalizations

are bellowed forth,

whatever the scarations

and traumas as original sins,

they are only accessories

of self-appointment.

As the questions that arise

keep coming up

as a step by step process,

then these quires themselves

are the camouflaged

of yet stairs ascending.

Each answer opened

and released

becomes a breath

of fresh air rising within.

I keep you,

all of you, as of the oneness,

always conscious to my heart

and not know that whereabouts,

but still and in stillness,

it is so.

It is truly so,

until all that is

is only what that is

and no more as the search.

Denial is a claim

of the unknown

based upon

the more deeply known.

What is held as holy for now

only betrays the future

by clutching at things.

But your light upon itself

is a begging bowl

of what the future will offer.

My words now are soon ash

then dust, then crust.

If you hear a sound

as a voice becoming your voice

then you are glistening in truth.

For you too are of source

while you also know

of no whereabouts

but it is so,

and through you too also.

Oneness has begun

in all of us

by the most confounding

of means.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Your presence (haiku)

there is much to share

when someone is overwhelmed

just by your presence

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Experience is overrated

When I would say this to people

that “experience is overrated”,

they would compute and respond

with questions or indignant quips.

“How can you” types of questions

or “you can’t actually say that

for without” . . . types of retorts.

I know there is a discussion brewing

inside their heads.

I can feel the buzz building.

Yes, what I said is/was dismissible,

upon further review, theirs and mine.

What I should have said was,

“there is a major difference between

in-take experience

and out-put experience”.

Okay, you say, explain that one.

For me, in-take experience

is generally eventful

and depicted symbolically as such.

Our highly trained senses work overtime

to take in all that is going on around us

in a sensible (pun intended) fashion.

While our out-put experience

is more ambient

within levels of complexity.

It is accomplished primarily

by presence through consciousness.

Some people have major projective skills

just by their very presence,

as if they are actors of sorts

even before their behavior

provides the everyday evidence.

What I have struggled to make clear

is to say, that I am bored with peoples’

in-take experience, mine included,

and truly fascinated and intrigued

with their out-put experience.

Okay, I know

where you are going with this.

You want to say that their out-put

is still my in-take,

so what is the difference?

The difference for me is

that I am profoundly interested

in their out-put experience, so much so,

that my in-take experience

is basically empathetic rather than evidential.

The skills to develop are like saying

that their out-put experience,

at this level is emotionally based

and my in-take level is

empathetically based.

I am focusing on their out-put

as my in-take experience

which is subtler

and less rationally conscious

as habitually directed

but more energetically truthful

about their being and their spirit.

That type of in-take experience

for me is less documentable

or even evidential

but more energetically rich for me

as an experience style.

In that way, I would have to say

that experience is both underrated

and overrated dependent upon

which method is most operative.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

withdrawing (haiku)

the art of dying

is the art of surrender

conscious and forward

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

“aha” without interruption

Creativity is a neurologic product.

Given that Consciousness is seated

in the frontal lobes,

being creative is the turn on

of the self-expressive

and the turn off

of the self-monitoring

so as not to be self inhibited.

This is a neurological destiny

at work in all of us.

The trick here is to rewire

the mental motherboard.

Ignite the euphoria of being

in spite of habitual confinements.

Transcend context and content

in its nominal and mundane sense.

Ingeniously hurl a neurological fury

within the mind that ignites the brain

so as to suspend the rules

for inhibition and restraint.

Allow for an ‘aha’ process

without the frame-breaks

of the self-spectatorship.

This focus is really

an inward self-seduction

into a profound awareness.

Go beyond self-confinement ways.

Arrive at an inner space

that allows for streams

of conscious attention

to produce original creative works.

It really is an ‘aha’ process

without the self-audience of interruption.

Monday, January 24, 2011

contemplative nostrils (haiku)

in flare symmetry

these contemplative nostrils

duet with each breath

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Community is renew

Where there are

faults and blame,

there is fertile ground.

Where there is pain,

there is need for inquiry.

Those who

have actively withdrawn,

can now earnestly reinvest.


is this life experiment

and richly endowed.

There is sharing

that gives space

for personal reclaims.

Hope flourishes

as a shared discovery

and communing of response.

Finds from disappointments

are as impetus

for rekindling the light.

Working the paradoxes

from within their richness,

provides a closeness

as a means of connection.

Methods of intimacy

that regain self-love

open to candidness

as exemplary

in new directions,

to find the voice

in everyone

that speaks for the whole.

Sincere expression

that lends itself

to community spirit

efforts towards consciousness

by inclusion.

A community re-gathers

from their humanness.

Helping others

is helping oneself.

Through community,

there is renew . . .

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Compute (haiku)


"compute". . . self-exercises

the leap of your lips

Friday, January 21, 2011

Home was in the bottle

Sometimes it feels like

putting notes in a bottle,

our conversations, that is,

as they go line by line

that float away.

There is a distant shared sea

within each of us.

Islands of you and me

are in this deep.

All the ocean currents

strangely bring

most of these bottles

to this one shore

within you

and within me.

You pick yours up


open and read . . .

There are salvos

between the lines.

Lights go on

in a darken room

that makes the room itself

much larger.

The walls are in

background smiles.

The sky, eavesdropping,

begs for entry.

These notes are in

an emotional code.

Time reads the fine print

to you directly.

Your blessedness

sees the whole page.

Your visual grip softens

until the notes themselves



the notes become pageless.

A voice rereads them,

over and over

as if sipping

from their original source.

Each swallow

makes you feel

more inspirationally at home.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coffee beans (haiku)

note activity

of people with coffee beans

near blending machine

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The journey

Our lives are taken up.

It is called the journey.

We fall prey to the task.

Life is a consuming idolatry.

Eventually, we fall,

pray to the task.

Over and over,

the numbing gives us away.

The numbing gives us a way.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

confidence (haiku)

grab the saddle horn

like a doorknob for action

and expect entry

Monday, January 17, 2011


There are times

that I think I am concessionary

or accommodating or cooperative

or maybe collaborative

but for now it is all

this process of self-reflection.

I guess my self-intent is a question.

How do I fit in

with other’s objectives and plans.

Sure there are cameos

of past shared accomplishment.

Occurrences I believe were co-perceived

and mutability offered and exchanged.

I’ve made temporal adjustments

towards agreement.

I can’t measure

for hidden resentment for sure

but there has been play

and episodes of unexpected richness

and spontaneity worth noting.

I think I am genuine and confluent.

Why all these doubts?

Well, within my experiences,

do any of my real self-storylines

ever really cross into being co-shared?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

cloud parade (haiku)

passing puffy clouds

politely posing above

as stuffed animals

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How is it without you?

How is it without you?

It is passable

by constant re-correction

for the exhaust from pain.

Fighting the vapors

of despondency

where no answer

suffices or suffocates.

There is no comeback

from this feeling.

There is no rebound

for now looking back.

It glooms along

without the insistence of pace.

I am stifled and subdued

meeting it head on.

You are resolutely

somewhere else it seems.

I would like to say

with I-am-sorry that this is so

but that is not the point

or the answer,

so this emotionally lingers

without reconnect options.

This feeling of constriction,

wishing the anguish would end

in some evidence

of deductible death.

Well, yes,

he died because of your absence.

Sadly this is only a loony projection

on my part

for regaining a reactive sense

of self-worth

as somewhere in the vast

of the who of you.

None of this is really true

between the spirits of us

but I am now self-induced

to bridge this feeling

of being without you.

I don’t want it

to be a claim of independence.

I want us, as with all,

to be through each other,

accomplished for the intentions

and evolving for the efforts

but yet I find my self

solidly in intent

and richly blessed

but alone to that cause.