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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We create story (haiku)

we create story

as compensative moments

to persuade ourselves

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The leap that cannot be

There is a leap

that cannot be experienced.

In fact maybe ‘leap’

is not the right term.

Leap may have expectations,

maybe even visualizations

and some notion of form and manner.

This leap may have

a conventional start place

like the thought or an intention

and some conjure of motivation

followed by some sense

of movement necessary.

But no, this leap,

although apparently recordable

in time

is really timeless.

No I am not saying

it did not happen

but it is not easily experienced.

This is a leap

of nothing in particular

possibly a transcendence of a leap.

This is a leap of indefinable means,

a leap without obvious trappings

of circumstance

and anticipated outcome.

It is not a leap

from one place to another.

It is the transcendence of leap

as leap-ness.

It is a leap so profound,

that you leap

and you leave your senses

for their history,

leaving your mind

for its technical guidance,

possibly even leaving your body

for its act.

It can never be only attempted.

It has no origin or predecessor.

It does not exist

in a comparative manner.

It just is.

Even the basic bulwark

of all of prior experience

by this leap,

is exposed as falsely adequate.

So . . . what I am saying,

I cannot say.

What you are hearing me say,

you can only hear

as yourself saying

what you cannot hear

but can know.

You know you even knew

before you came to know.

And that your knowing

fails to take you there

because there is a you

who is already there,

even before . . .

“the leap” to there.

Once you leap,

you can’t agree or disagree.

There are no more bleachers,

no more understandings,

and no more means,

just this leap of no means . . .

Monday, June 28, 2010

Air and water (haiku)

as air and water

both feature the same dance steps

to waltz with solids

Sunday, June 27, 2010


In humans,

philosophy is born

and blooms with retention,

bathed in an electricity

of the mind.

This lives as a life

suited within an enclosure

of experience

and under the influence

of bodily chemistry.

Eventually this body,

housing the philosophy

of choice, ages and dies.

But the philosophy does not,

it departs dressed

in the travel wardrobe

of spirit

to ride the seven seas

beyond the seven senses

of human endeavor.

Philosophy allows for

a forbiddenness to live

unkempt, unclear, unconfined,

For irrational truth

to have a life

carried from within,

nurtured by attention given

and a curiosity

blessed with innocence

yet defined

by order and control.

Philosophy is a kind

of Candida of being

that gives spirit a window

of opportunity

to embrace beyond proof

and possibly beyond display.

Belief maybe a phantom limb

of assistance.

A greater whole is eating away

at life as limitation.

Cells are given a consciousness

to return to the universe

when human debt is done.

Philosophy is a label from afar.

It is generally spoken

from the outside looking in.

It suggests a vitality

beyond measure.

It is working the self

beyond its means.

Philosophy is a French kiss

of mindfulness

by setting language aside,

where by all accounts

are irrelevant

as spoken

and electric as lived.

It is an ocean unnamable

and without surface to sail.

You either swim the flow

or drown treading in resistance

to what is for oneself.

It is not summation

but a drawnness imploring

more of a conscious connection

to be made

as expression of being.

Go with it

as long as you do not name it

your philosophy lives you . . .

Saturday, June 26, 2010

glass jar (haiku)

a empty glass jar

looks out from within itself

sees through its facade

Friday, June 25, 2010

The g-force of giddy

The g-force of giddy

is hardwired

with uppity glitches,

involuntary freefalls

of bumpy laughter,

alternate dimensions

playing hide and seek

with imaginary friends

joining in play.

Certainty is drunk

as an intoxicant.

There is a seventh sense

based on the premise of silly.

Time for now,

is this wild ride of a life.

Radical motion

is a calming state of stillness.

There are no handrails

to hinder falling up.

The body is jellified reminders

of containment.

What gurgles is what boils.

Exhausting efforts at inhales

are often needed.

Dizziness is a bystander status

showing distant concern.

Feeding on what is meltdown

is warming.

Sanity is unconsciousness

coming up soon.

There is a state of coma

as exhaust is recovery.

The g-force of giddy

has just passed through.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spirit (haiku)

presence of being

is the inevitable

result of spirit

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Find for me

Find for me,

a form

that has no shape or surface

courteous by intent,

a mind

that has no reaction or retention

as its means,

a spirit

without impulse inclined

or inhibitions opposing,

a soul

that has no self boundaries

in a selfless sea of face.

Find for me,

a sky

with no dimensions on display,

a language

without depiction’s slur,

a sense

without ground figure in refrain,

a thought

that cannot recall itself.

Find for me,

a method

without repetition’s benefit,

an awareness

without a reference point,

an original intent

that includes all variance,

a statement of being

as ongoing as . . . say presence

please, find these,

if not for yourself

then for me . . .

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Presence (haiku)

presence you express,

it is never what you say

but what you convey

Monday, June 21, 2010

the all

All form is lacking

in deeper dimensions.

All speech

is secretly muttered

in lament and dismay.

All content is displaying

eventual incompleteness.

All circumstance features


All comprehension arrives

fashionably late.

All observance is really

at best,

a bystander’s view.

All reenactments

lack animation

from the heart.

All redemptions pay

an unreasonable ransom.

All accounts have spin

as agenda in disguised.

All agreements

have conclusions

on retainers in fine print.

The perception of all

is a bafflement

of half empty.

The concept of all

is a trivia nightmare.

The assumption of all

is a management position.

The work of the all

is an exercise in separation.

The essence of all

is a compelling arrangement.

My connection to the all

is a whole other matter.

My participation in the all

has only one option:

the now about that,

without any

of these summations,

the now about that,


definitive interventions,

the now about that,

without the bribe

of expectations,

the now about that,


separation’s reactions,

the now about that,

without control

as employment,

the now about that,

with only all

of everything in play.

How about the all

of that now?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

No one (haiku)

no one you know of

is clearly a quick study

of their own karma

Saying good bye

There are so many labels

in a relational world.

We are knowing them

mostly from the outside in.

As with most everything

that includes myself,

there are constant senses

for reference at my side.

There is a verbal mentor

within me

assisted by a kibitzer,

and also a chorus

of inner voices

with their perspectives

and opinions.

All seem to function

as stand alones

but intimately so.

It is an involuntary entourage

maybe as keepsakes.

At first, is-ness and such-ness

were just distant introductions.

Mind you, at an inner distance

but not more than concepts.

They are a curious find

and initially,

somewhat strange

to follow along,

yet not unlike

the initial concept

of understanding a mirror.

That there is . . .

and then there is me,

with a closeness

yet still foreign.


there is gross evidence

of the sameness

for my sense and my self.

This is all somehow elusive

and yet very non-demanding.

All efforts and pursuit

were my interests.


it is like “hide and seek”.

Many times,

it is startlingly timeless.

I had a working concept

and revisited with it

into refinement.

Now questions

the mental chauffer.

Does not experience

pass itself off

as the journey?

Always experience

is attempting to be

in the same breath as me.

But isness and suchness

works with tools

that need no tending.

They work with tools

more profound than animation.

They are always more subtle

than I am sensory aware.


is a very local application.


is really a hobby

done out of habit.

With isness and suchness,

I am saying goodbye

and I am eliminating nothing.