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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Happy is an ambient state.

It is a self-generative presence.

Happy is not in summary.

It is not a result.

Happy is not at the stage

of a conclusion.

There is incidental broadcast

to happy.

Happy may really

transcend circumstance.

Yet for those on the hunt,

it can be called out

for certitude and clarification.

“Are you happy?”

“Why are you so happy?”

Which may make you

self-consciously aware

about being happy.

In a world of justification,

you might have to rethink

or make up

self-conscious reasons

for happy,

at least create a logic

for happy to present,

or suggest a show of events

as if a show of hands

as a form of agreement

for them to confirm

your happiness.

You can’t just be happy.

It has to be a consequence

and storable as earned.

If you were happy

before you started whatever

and you’re still happy after,

that does not help those

in search of happiness

as to how to get happy.

Surely people want

what happy is

but they only want it

as acquisition would provide.

It is perceived

as if life itself

is a negative affirmation

away from happiness.

For them,

it has to be something

like a wardrobe purchase,

or they want to portray happy

as if that is to be happy.

One would have to do something

in order to get something

and then call that

as a result, “happy”.

Happy is probably less

than effortful or intentioned.

What if happy was a given,

inside out, like a state of being,

unless you worked against it?

Like you were happy

to start with,

but made up some

outside in reasons

to not be happy

until you were preoccupied

or overwhelmed

with reasoning to not be happy,

and also believed

that happy is dependent

upon circumstances around you

rather than

just how you are with yourself.

If you spend a lot of time

trying to get happy,

but that happy is based on effort,

and happy is essentially

not composed of effort

or self-conscious observation

then any happy that you get

is a hollow victory,

short-lived composed

of means and at affect diminishing.

If happy was linked to expectations

as if that was the gearbox to happy,

then you could only be happy

as a measure of expectations met.

Does happiness have

a given environment

to cause it or support it?

Happiness cannot be assigned.

It sort of is an inward state

and may exude from there as such.

Like I said to start with,

happy is an ambience,

without all that pre and post

as justifiable clutter . . .

Happy is sort of beyond


which exists for us

as the curious double dare.

I am asking you

if you are happy,

is sort of like saying,

“prove to me by my standards

that you are happy

in a way that I can relate to

based on my beliefs

about how happy works

to begin with.

Display for me

what I think happy would be

because I am asking,

given that I want to be it too

and directly so.

And so I am looking

everywhere around me

for clues,

you being one of them.”

So if happy were an objectification

then you could receive it

from an outside source.

You could attain it

as if you were not of it,

but feel like you could be it,

at least by proving

that you are it,

(like every time you check!)

Happy . . . that is.

Although, this appears to be

what billboards do,

happy is more like a pheromone.

Maybe there is a chemical basis,

but naturally, it is self-induced,

then once it is self-discovered

it becomes self-permitted.

We can share happy

but I can’t really make you happy.

That is an exploitative illusion.

Happy has no look.

It has no justifiable feel.

Happy . . . wow!

Get away from the word

the concept,

the expectation

the self in agreement

and be . . .

Happy does not take the time off

to know itself.

Happy is.

Look, anyone who knows

they are happy

is multi-tasking

right before your eyes . . .

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I sense about her

She is very much composed

of glacial waters.

She already once returned

to the cathedral of her origin.

She has thawed

into this fluid state.

By her own admission,

her being is unrevealed.

She has refined all her elements

from your gestation.

Where she has prospered

and is forthcoming

is through your means.

You are her home,

her living habitat includes you.

Where you all transpire to be

of each other,

she is already there

in a deep kinship manner.

She is an expression in reflection

of your attributes evident.

She is a byproduct

of your themes,

taken to heart.

Find her

with your every breath,

behind your every thought.

In an emotional spirit way,

she is with you,

within your every deed.

There is a small amount of spin

that you commonly share,

her melting inside as you.

Touch her where you are

your sacred waters.

She is blessed

to be here, close and within.

Allow her to settle

where you are each

your ongoing fluid states.

Let her environ

where you are relaxed as one.

Let her take as instruction

from your surrender

to your higher self.

Let her hold you

in your method

towards the light.

Shape shifting is a form

of shared celebration.

Your spirit, she recognizes.

Anoint her with

your coming from afar.

Pass through her

on your way

to higher soul awareness.

Reveal to her your release.

Demystify yourself from control

in her presence.

Express yourself

of emotional passion.

Bathe in your inspiration

before her.

You and she are hardwired,

for this is your feminine self,

finally coming through

to be your resource

and your consciousness,

so as for her

to carry you on . . .

Monday, March 29, 2010

If Life

If life were a riptide metaphor

and our experiential orientation

is to survivalistically swim

towards a symbolic shoreline

as if to swim against the current,

then possibly

an unknown greater cause,

or a deeper sense of being

than apparent circumstance,

is a way for each of us,

away from this otherwise,

self-induced fate.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hard Lines

If you are on a beach

near the water

and you make a hard line

in the sand,

either by anger

or in principled display,

maybe by impulse

or just to express some feeling,

no matter the claim,

the statement stands firm.

Light over it

gives shadow and character.

There are immediate results.

A symbol is charted.

An action is cast.

Efforts at

incidental state’s evidence

has yielded a cryptic result.

There is a spent feeling

in the air.

It is initially

as if granularly

chiseled in stone,

but over time,

a patient primacy will persist.

For if it were made

very near the water line

then waves,

with the tides encouragement,

will massage

the crispness away,

will soften its stance,

will script a fadedness

away from jaggedness,

will lay a sway

to its vertical faces,

until there are none

with original intent.

And if it were made

well above water’s embrace,

no matter,

for the wind

as consort will come

and dry away

the tears of cohesion

as viscosity

will have left the scene.

And grain by grain,

all will volunteer departure

and no two will remain

as cognition’s stance.

And the same results,

as with the water,

will, in time, occur.

A hard line in the beach sand

has its own forgivingness

to face

as method through time.

Rhythms of simplicity

will apply.

Impressions are felt

and left to remain

but we are as fragile

as that internal beach is real.

Where we swim, walk, and sight,

we also wail, warm, and wonder.

Hard lines give us perspective,

yet we are here in service

towards that grander interior scale

as a grander scheme of momentum

will appear and eventually override.

We are always

at that beach within.

Wind as breath

or water as being

will ultimately mentor,

even if as tears and sighs.

They will provide deliverance

from these hard lines.