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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Conscious thought applied

But to realize that touch

is more than texture sensed,

that taste is more than

palate in sensation

or nutrition in passage,

that sight is more

than reflected images flashed

upon the mind.

For identification as method

is a monumental interruption


from true human emersion

into conscious thought.

Symbology is a short cut away

from actual participation.

Society, as consumption,

is one language short

of planetary connection.

For speech that only names,

steals from our selves,

a deeper well of love

and this action done

is in self-isolation

and regresses the human

away from planet endeavors.

We, as a people,

are a derma

of the planet’s surface.

We are imposters of integration

when our rituals

deny this relationship.

When our thoughts

are only front staged

then all of backstage

is sadly audience

at affect, in reaction.

For humans,

there really is

no audience to living.

There simply are no props

so innocently at our command.

Everything of thing-ness

has an obligation

of higher accord

yet we then deny that.

And when we deny this web

of full function

to appease our simplicities of fear,

this separation feeds us

as our fears

with high doses

of superficial symbolic recognition

as we grandly address ourselves

with self-referential rituals

of this human isolation.

We have made a religion

out of false protection

without respectful

human endowment or emersion.

We have made up government

out of efforts

done in human against human vanity.

We have outsourced our responsibility

to a self slavery

away from original

planetary service and cause.

We portend to give back

as if this were urgent

by badly scribbled notes

placed in bottles of self concern

and tossed into an ocean

of worldly disaster

while waiting . . .

for acceptable

inept single step responses

to float our way.

We want answers of absolution

rather than invitations that revitalize.

We would rather have the action

of rumor ritualized

from deep within.

The telling of this in every truth

is not just a compelling cognition

of words.

Each truth is a whole action

as much as a whole re-embrace.

There are no backwaters

without essential influence

just as there is no saliva of idleness

when a meal is served.

We don’t dominate to get to cause,

we embrace to address cause

with humility.

We don’t truly analyze

just by depiction,

we need to empathize and sympathize

to fill the frame.

We can’t claim by possession

when it is a rhetorical enterprise

resulting in a hollowness

staged before the rest of us in claim.

A path of thoughtful gestures

is not the same

as a life

of planetary integrative means

as conscious thought applies.

Where money is our measure

the earth retreats

into retarded menial deeds.

To carry on a dialogue

with the planet

in condescending ways,

and the earth will express

with a language

towards a deeper comprehension

of human self-reflective miss-deeds.

A symphony of symbols

is ultimately not as penetrating

as a single note sung out of love.

The earth was that song all along

but we not only forgot the lyrics,

the melody,

but worst,

as to how and when to sing

as chorus joining in.

We generate thought

as if it were our s.o.s.

scrawled before us

in a foreign hand.

We have context

as a prideful perception

when in fact

we have made audience

out of living life.

Thought without love-means

is like having a map and living

into our self-imposed crease lines

from previous attempts

at thought folding.

Life is eventually very bothersome

if each moment lived

is only animation

indulgently supplied.

The true art of human life

has no canvas,

no elements of composition.

It has no intent of audience.

It has no discard of props

along the way

and it has no completion as its mind.

Appreciation is really

a next inspiration or insight

applied ongoing accordingly.

If there is to be an easel out there,

it is made of time and space

and the universe as embrace.

Nothing else can come by

and be displeased

by seamless association

as its applause.

The human thought

of conscious habit

is, at the outset,

the thought emerging

from conscious thought applied.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Breath in focus

Breath in focus

is grossly physical to start.

Awareness skills are honing in.

Each different awareness sense

is a loner,

a specialist

with developed acuities,

like chefs and carvers,

trackers and vision buffs,

impressionists and loons.

They have rarely

all worked together

at breath awareness before.

First breath is . . .

an inner dialogue commotion,

a response of chaos all at once,

a stampede of hush in reluctance.

I call upon a self-intimacy

to fill the space, firstly.

So we will try this breath again.

And from single breath efforts,

sensing up towards

a mountain of unrefined clarity.

There is no first breath of surrender,

yet asking for an inner deepening

to appear,

maybe a method of quiet and silence

as this means.

Surely breath has been there,

all along the way

but not in this kind

of a definite integral manner.

There is a buzz of confusion

up from the unconscious.

Dealing with the intake of breath

is asking for an ability to relax

and be in stillness yet

the busy work of awareness

within my breath.

What is calm?

This, for now,

is only an assemblage

of calming parts.

Breath in focus

is a journey

towards conscious breathing . . .

Mindfulness in the past

has been in estrangement.

Mind and breath in concert,

what intimacy must come

from this collaboration,

as breath in focus . . .

Friday, February 26, 2010

Communication as justification

Communication is

its own insular justification.

Meaning seems to seal the deal

as meaning is a infusion of myopia.

Surely there are secondary rules

as to what gets the attention

to be meaning full.

Meaning has a background agenda

towards accountability, justification

and rationally sequential clarity.

Meaning paroles

the apparent framework

as the text to be focused on.

Context is the prison

of appearance and approximations.

This popular paradigm

of conscious attention

is its own falsehood

of the essence expressed.

Newborns and elderly,

close to their death,

seem to express their spirit

more directly.

The time,

in between these two states,

is contractually

and consummately taken up

with a storyline and a character.

Previous experience seems

to offer support and allegiance

for reacting to life

with expectations and reactions

that supports the characterization

of self

in a contractually ongoing way.

The process

of interfacing with everyone

yields this as a social

and cultural adaptation to being.

Conveyance is as a lost art form

of being

as in,

”it is not what you say

but what you convey”

that would more directly represent

the spirit of your being.

Empathy is its own method

for connectedness.

Telepathy, in this regard,

is a capacity to connect

without certain assumed

restraints to boundaries.

‘Feeling following breath’

is first consciousness,

maybe our first order

of communicating

outside the womb . . .